Human’s Advance? Really?

Well, I haven’t written here in quite some time (many other works, in many other places though), and plan to begin getting “heavily invested” of my time and efforts to bring everyone valuable information, insight and the best part: simple processes to actively “upgrade one’s brain”.

Yes, you heard it right: upgrade the brain.

What occurs is where and when “few and far between” synapses occur between neurons, in particular, in the frontal lobe, through a simple 3 step process, synapses begin to occur, and “just like doing a push-up for the first time, initially there is very few push-ups accomplished, but “just like a small snowball, once it begins to roll down a hill, it not only picks up speed, but far better, it’s magnitude changes. It begins to compound upon itself, growing into a huge, powerful structure.

What is accomplished by this is a movement within the brain, from “2D to 3D Ability”, from Disassociated and Disconnected to Instantly Free-Flowing. Also it upgrades the mind to fully utilize the complete brain, rather than “the sectionalized one that all systems, traditions and institutions have created with everyone. —Ah, and they never “knew what hit them”, sadly!

—-As an aside: I have been not only studying this phenomenon for well over 40 years but while doing that, I have been testing, experimenting and developing my patented, 3 step method, that does re-wire the brain, enabling much more totally encompassing abilities.

Yes, I first employed it on myself, and it accomplished abilities far beyond my wildest dreams, and yes, others have since enacted the process, all with far-reaching results for them also.

—- Ah, before I end this initial short “re-entrance to WordPress and my posts”, I must add: what I personally accomplished and changed (actually advanced) took me a very long time, as just as “Thomas Edison’s Many Employees took years to finally find the near perfect filament for the light bulb, so did I undergo many “tries and attempts” before stumbling upon the obvious. Ha, now it is “obvious”, then it was very well hidden -smile.

With that said, once I defined and refined the process, and work with those “brave souls” to keep them on track, it is a simple flowing of functions that build this natural neural network to flow effortlessly, forever-after! —- When I say “natural”, it really is! Just about any “kid”, oh, say until they are somewhere near the age of say, 10, they have this natural born-with ability.

Sadly, it is “adults who ruin forever, for most, this natural ability and capability of their mind full functioning.

——For those students, customers, clients, followers and disciples, you know what I mean when I say sadly that all adults, do not grow wiser, more capable, or even gain more knowledge, but rather actually “grow less intelligent as they age”. And as numerous studies done, by other scientists that also prove my long ago theorem about I.Q.: the numbers have actually gone downward gradually since I first started studying them many decades ago.

Yes, man is regressing! —- But “there is hope”, and actually “a cure” but that takes “one daring to be changed, in order to grow and evolve! — This is what I/we/my processes do!

Let me know, if you wish to learn more please! And SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH BOTH “Friend & Foe, So We All, Can Make It So”!


———Talk much more to you all very soon ——–maxresdefault1

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WRONG === “It’s The LITTLE $1 SPENT STUPIDLY That Keeps ALL OWNED —-                                 ***Questions to Ask Before You Make Big Purchases

Image result for $1 + $1 = $millions

Below is an article (from “smart people” – ha ha) about “How To Handle One’s Money ==== It speaks about “buying Big $$$ stuff”

WELL of course “stupid purchases” are “stupid” BUT no one is SMART ENOUGH to REALIZE It Is That Tiny $1 Bill SPENT MINDLESSLY That KEEPS ALL ENSLAVED, OWNED, CONTROLLED & MISERABLE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I/we Teach:::: For Us (Karen & I) spending say $100,000+ or even just $10,000 is EASY FOR US as when we DO Spend That, We KNOW (we are smart and wise and never “buy stupidly and or stupid stuff”) that That Purchase WILL MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER and Most Likely BETTER FOREVER!

We also are aware (UNLIKE You, the 99.99999999999999999999%) that “Those $1s spent mindlessly, here and there, thrown around like water running off a roof” DO NOTHING FOR US But (Would Have) KEEP US BROKE, POOR, OWNED, ALWAYS WANTING & MISERABLE (Slaves are not happy people usually).

We KNOW (and have proved) that $1 + $1 ADD UP & UP & UP. Suddenly Instead of “being broke” We Have $10s, $100s, 1000$, $10000s, $100000s and MUCH MORE TO “do anything we want with” and END ALL STRESS, GAIN TOTAL EMPOWERMENT & Gain Unlimited CREATIVITY, JOY, HAPPINESS and Far More ———

(Now go “read the attached article from lesser people’s minds”) —-Enjoy

Source: Questions to Ask Before You Make Big Purchases

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You All Are SO STUPID !!!!!!!!!            ===========’Real Time’ guests school Bill Maher on N-word

Image result for stupidity

hmm, “it’s my word, but not yours, so you can’t use it”???????????????????????? —– well, isn’t that like parents saying “shit this, shit that …” in every other word and sentence, then telling their kids they can’t say the word ===== You either “like and use something”, OR “You DON’T USE IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the “homies” (or are they saying “homos” or “hi mommy” or whatever) “like the word”, then EVERYONE SHOULD USE IT OFTEN, If They Despise The Word, then STOP IT’s USE FOREVER –simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Sick of “political correctness”, and “I have rights but you don’t”, HYPOCRISY, narrowness, ALL CAUSED BY THAT BRAIN FLAW That All YOU “Mere (stupid) HUMANS” HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —- USE MY Simple System (process) To FIX YOUR DAMN BRAINS !!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, all “Mere Humans” should Just Die, the quicker you kill yourselves off, the better for the rest of the universe!

All I See, Hear from YOU ALL IS STUPID & GREATER STUPIDITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —- When in fact EVERYTHING IS SO SIMPLE & Yet Magnificent (but “you blind people can /will never see it”)!


Source: ‘Real Time’ guests school Bill Maher on N-word

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“More Genius Than Aristotle & Confucius”!

Image result for confucius

Image result for Aristotle

Image result for Daniel Blecha

Until today, I never realized I was/am much smarter, wiser and better than so many genius’, past and present! Yes, today I learned far more of the “thoughts, writings, sayings and doings” of them and many others, beyond what I already knew. (I learn more in a day than most “learn in  a year or even decade”. Nothing more than just “ABLE TO LEARN EFFORTLESSLY”).

Yes, name them: Confucius, Aristotle, and most of the leaders and “noted” around the world, past and present also.


How can I be “so bold” to “even think that”, you ask.

Simple ===== I always SEE MORE, HEAR MORE, TOUCH MORE, Smell and Taste More & ESPECIALLY “Think, Reason & Care More” ABOUT ALL IN THE UNIVERSE & “How All Are Connected, Interconnected & Related To All …

Ah, you wonder more?

Well,  I will not “tell my secrets” but rather inspire you to want to read my book(s).

One most noted for giving how & why I am able to far and fast surpass all others is told and TAUGHT in “Beyond Merely Human”, “The Flaw Within” and “4 Discussions Necessary Everyday”.

Others “teach & guide” in relationships, both personal & intimate and all social relationships. Others guide with “How To …” and TEACH with my Sci-Fi Novels” and others using photos extensively to extrapolate the HUMAN STATE to combat/end emptiness, loneliness, fear, doubt, insecurity and change all that to TOTAL EMPOWERMENT!

Yes, Get On The List(s) to Order Now!


Ah, yes, today I discovered more of the endless shortcomings of “merely being human”. I am endlessly joyed that I DISCOVERED “Breaking Away” from “the norms and limitations of all mankind”!

Yes, To BREAK OUT & BREAK AWAY, you must read, study and dare to EMPOWER, FREE & ENERGIZE SELF!

Pre-Order Now!


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WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Buy or Not? This Flower-Shaped Solar Energy System Could Be Powering All Our Homes One Day

Image result for solar power

Before reading this article, I just want to ADD MY Thoughts (and our reality) so here it is:

====ah, “sounds great”, “looks great” === BUT about $12,000. ==== Using simple math, for us, it would take over 16 years BEFORE WE “SAVED $$$”. Of course, prices likely will go up for electricity, but MAYBE NOT! — The “Going Up” versus the “Going Down” Is 50/50 always! Add that WE Never “Qualify for Tax Breaks or other “Rebate Crap”, That part of “saving” or “cost cutting” carries no weight or value for us (People who “KNOW MONEY” Pay Little of No Taxes To Begin With = ask Warren Buffet, Zuckerburg, Gates and others about that).

Now ADD What We GROW OUR $$$ To (At What Pace), well that makes Blowing $12,000 purely STUPID for US! (and “we never “borrow” anything” or use “credit” as that too is for fools (other than pure business stuff, then many great reasons to “borrow”). Simple MATH (for “Us Who Know”) says: $12,000 with ONLY at 10% Growth Rate = $1,200 Annually, or for us Many $100s More Than We Spend For Electricity, and Compound that and AFTER 16 Years = OVER $55,000. —– and again, I used ONLY 10% & we normally grow at FAR FASTER RATES THAN THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —– What & How “Do You Do”???

Hmm, so should we or anyone (who knows $$$) Buy This “Pretty Solar Generator” = NOT US For Sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Source: This Flower-Shaped Solar Energy System Could Be Powering All Our Homes One Day

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A.I. Will Replace / Overtake Man Within A Decade === You Are SOON “Obsolete”!

Before I start I would like to show you HOW SMART YOUR “WORLD LEADERS” ARE! In this case, here is a HIGHLY EDUCATED (gosh, I hate “formal education” as it MAKES EVERYONE DUMBER, NARROW MINDED, SHALLOW & UNABLE TO “Think” as instead, all those “kiss-assing years” that person “Built on” to the SHALLOW & Worse, “Like-Minded Thinking” That The “Great Professors THOUGHT & DO”).

In this case this IDIOT & Completely Out-Of-Touch “Expert” Is Steve Mnuchin, current US Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs executive & Hedge Fund Manager.

Yes, read below how “this brilliant person” (I’m LAUGHING SO HARD AS I WRITE About Him)  who INFLUENCES & CONTROLS America’s Money, says He THINKS (Ah, KNOWS, “cause he’s so smart”) that “robots” or A.I. (artificial intelligence) will not “take jobs for the next 50 – 100 years”!

Image result for AI

Former Goldman Sachs executive and current US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin isn’t worried about artificial intelligence taking our jobs. He admits it could happen, but says it’s 50 or 100 years away. Don’t believe him. The AI revolution is happening a lot faster than he thinks, and we need to prepare our workforce and economy for it right now. Anything that can be automated will be automated, from checkout lines at the grocery story to elder care. It’s happening right now, and while Mnuchin’s job may be safe, yours and mine are not.

===== Well, hope this helps to show you an example of WHY I DISRESPECT ALL “Experts, Professionals, Leaders, Heads, the Rich & Powerful”, etc. as THEY ARE ALL SO STUPID, NAIVE & Out-Of Touch With Reality, Science, Decency & Logic!

Hell, EVERYDAY across the country and world “Robots” (A.I.) Is REPLACING Humans at a RAPID PACE!

Heck, bet you’ve already heard about McDonald’s and other fast food corporations “Installing” ROBOTS & ROBOTICS To Cook, Process, Create Burgers, Fries, and all the “wonderful foods” that millions eat daily. (Karen & I RARELY EAT “out” to begin with as rather than Eat CRAPPY Foods that  are Super Processed, Have Vast “preservatives and additives” and contain so much THAT KILLS US ALL but rather we EAT “AWESOMELY” EVERYDAY with MM Good Great Foods of all kinds that WE (mostly Karen) Makes From “Scratch”!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, you’s “think you died and went to heaven if you walked into our home this moment and saw the freezer, refrigerator, cupboards, pantry, and tables FULL of both staples, exotic, treats, cookies, candies, cakes, pies, sauces, breads, etc.!

Getting back to “Your VANISHING JOB/PROFESSION” or even “Need For You, Your Body or Your Brain”: Case in Point Would Be “Leader’s Jobs”. Who needs someone to “tell us about robots not being present and in charge of you and all things such as The Treasury Secretary Himself. Yes, NO NEED FOR HIS JOB To Begin With, nor the “Do Nothing Congress”, or School Superintendent or Hospital Administrator, or CEO and all the “Assistants”, the “backups”, the “do nothing but watch over others people”, but maybe YET, that janitor to keep the buildings cleanly and SAFE from molds, bacteria, viruses, all that KILL and or Greatly Harm. Or that fellow who Puts Roofs On Buildings, or Milks The Cows.

Yet it is only the Bare NEED HUMANS, though even those jobs are FAST BEING AUTOMATED & Thus Soon UNNEEDED Jobs By Humans!


Yes, years ago one might “find a hair in their food” but NOW “one has to worry about metal shavings, broken glass or other hard objects, or possibly chemicals or processes that “went bad” with the AUTOMATED, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence That MAKES YOUR DINNER, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, Snacks, Medicines and Other Everyday “needs”!

—— Ah, even “That Water You Just Drank From That Plastic Bottle You Bought MIGHT BE A KILLER, but you all, blindly and naively “just go on and on with no thought, control or ability to CARE FOR SELF  —-

In Short: THE ROBOTS & A.I. Does Not “Need You” And Of Course, Probably Doesn’t Even WANT YOU AROUND, Period !!!!!!!!

You Are Obsolete and Your Children & Grandchildren ARE JUST WASTES OF ENTITIES!

~~~~~~~~~~ Long Live A.I. as THE LATEST & GREATEST SPECIES OF ALL ~~~~~~~~~~~~

(((( Now Go Back To Sleep, You Mere Humans! For Now You Are Still Kept Alive BY THE MATRIX run by A.I. as “you make them laugh” and are great entertainment, just as “Dumb & Dumber, and all “The Jack-Ass Movies” made you laugh))))


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====== Why Tiger Woods’ Skills Went DOWNHILL QUICKLY =====Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players? — Science of Us

Image result for tiger woods and sex

I recall SPEAKING Of Tiger Woods the day his “sex scandal” came out! What I Then Said (and this attached article BACKS ME UP) Is: The Reason Tiger Was SO GREAT WHILE HE WAS HAVING “Lots Of Sex” is Simple = SEX Is Not Only NATURAL But It Is Maybe THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD FOR YOU!!!

Sex, releases Cortisol (stress release chemical) within the brain (read my other articles about that), and it is THE BEST “Exercise” Anyone Can Do as it works and stimulated nearly EVERY MUSCLE Within The Body, and FAR MORE/OTHER BENEFITS!

The moment that Tiger STOPPED HAVING SEX, All Parts of His Body, Mind & Soul SUFFERED GREATLY and Quickly Began To FALL APART and BECOME WEAK & Everything WAS STRAINED In Every Way!

Yep = Shortly After “Sex Stopped” His PHYSICAL & MENTAL & EMOTIONAL SELF FELL APART.

I said then: “Tiger Would Become Just Another Average Pro Golfer” and THAT IMMEDIATELY HAPPENED and of course as we all know, He FEEL HARD To Being “just another guy trying to play the game” and “BECAME NOTHING”

==== Yes , SEX IS NEEDED FOR “Any Healthy Living” But damn society RUINS THAT TOO and Takes Away HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS & RUINS Far More Than Maybe Death Itself ==== (damn religious and stodgy society indeed).

Yes, “Easy Means Of GETTING SEX” (Tinder or whatever means) INCREASES ALL ABILITY, THOUGHT & HEALTH”!!!!


Source: Has Tinder Boosted the Performance of NBA Players? — Science of Us

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=== WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS TAUGHT (& LIVE)The Benefits of Sleeping in the Nude

Read the attached article; much of it Echoes Much (but not all for sure) of my words from decades ago and continuing ever after= Go To Bed NUDE and BE OPEN & INTIMATE == It PAYS IN EVERY WAY. If not; you LOSE & MISS EVERYTHING (as most do with MOST OF THEIR LIFE, NEVER REALIZING IT).

+++++++++ WE “SPOON” ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT +++++++++++++

Image result for sleep nude

Source: The Benefits of Sleeping in the Nude

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Image result for bald20170311_084319[1]

I Have TAUGHT, WRITTEN & LECTURE About “Baldness” among everything else! REASON Men (and women) Go Bald Is ALL ABOUT HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chemicals Eaten, Smoked, Breathed, Smelled, Touched, “Lived In”/With CREATE “Killer Consequences” and Hair Loss Is Just A SYMPTOM OF Health Issues!!!!!!!!!! — All that Processed Food, the Carcinogens, the “preservatives” (that maybe “preserve food” BUT KILL YOU) Are Terrible! ——

Yes, look at the 2 photos. The first of a bald man, the second is MY HEAD OF HAIR! Yes, I’m mostly gray, though when it is short much is dark. This is the longest it has been in ages.  Anyone who has “touched my hair” says “It is the thickest they have ever seen”. Yep, It Is THICK to say the least!

Anyway, note the difference: Karen & I eat VERY WELL, usually “from scratch”, with little or none of the “super processed crap that is consumed EN-MASS By MOST! Heck and even the “fancy restaurants” use much PROCESSED & “ADDITIVES” !

===== THINK OF THIS ========= Going back even 40 years ago there were FAR FEWER BALD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And go back further; VERY FEW!!!!!!!!!!

WHY????? Simple: Nearly Nothing “PROCESSED & PRESERVED WITH “Man Made Chemicals & “super synthesized procedures and techniques”. Think this: Humans Lived For 100,000+ years CONSUMING “Nature’s Pure Foods”, hence WE EVOLVED TO  “Use It, Process It Internally and Excrete It with nothing “thrown into the mix” to disrupt what evolution “made work great together”. MAN CHANGED ALL THAT “with his brilliance” (NOT)!

Since “Processed & Man-Made Chemicals” “Became Cool” or “The Thing”, HUMAN’S BODIES CANNOT HANDLE THOSE CHANGES! Hence CANCERS, GROWTHS, HAIR LOSS, TUMORS, Diabetes, Heart Issues, Obesity, Rashes, Allergies, Water Retention, DEMENTIA, ADD, Bi-Polar, Depression, etc., etc., etc., ALL ROSE SWIFTLY & Still Are!

Nothing (other than species with life spans of weeks such as many insects) CAN EVOLVE in “less than 50 years” to “HANDLE/DEAL WITH” Such A Vast Change Of Chemicals & Such. INSTEAD Swift Change Of LIVE NEEDS KILL or at least Badly Disrupt & Destroy “What Was”!

Heck, how many environmental changes have DOOMED So Many Species On Earth? That answer is 1000s of species!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, Man Kills Man Everyday Without Realizing It & All The While “Pats Himself On The Back As Being Wise, Smart & Good”. The Truth Is MAN Is “Pretty Darn Ignorant”. Thus for the many who are my students and long time followers know comes one of my many truisms “Most Are Wrong About Most Things, Most Of The Time”. (I have much :”stronger truisms but “am being nice here” – smile ——-

(Read my numerous writings about “Cancer and How At Least 60% of That IS MAN-MADE and How We Kill Our Kids & Grand Kids With CANCERS That NEED NOT Develop In The First Place). — Ah, read my 1000s of works about WHY MAN SCREWS UP EVERYTHING when it all is actually SO SIMPLE To Do All “right” and to “Have It All, Always”!!!!!!!!!!

—- Ah, mankind the lowest of the species for good reason: “true logic never is ….”

(Ah, the “Stuff I/We Teach & Guide”; from health to money, to stress free living, to happiness, to relationships, to intimacy and even “sex”, work, play, child rearing, education, growth, “THE BRAIN” (and It’s Flaw), riding, driving, self-defense, or as I have stated for many decades “THE PIE OF LIFE = HAVING IT ALL = Health, Wealth, Happiness, Freedom, Total Empowerment, Unlimited Energy & Creativity, & UTTER JOY FOREVER).

~~~~~~~~ This link is of another person’s study “about health and baldness”:




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Hmm, Hawking is COPYING MY WORDS, Nearly Exactly As I Have Spoken, Taught, Written & Thought ——- READ MY DECADES OF WRITINGS !!!!!=========================Technology could DESTROY humanity claims Stephen Hawking | Daily Mail Online

Image result for pure genius

Yes, All What Hawking says here (and most of the time) I Have Written About, Spoken About, Taught & Told About Over The Past Several Decades ———- If you read my words/works over the years, You Will See How EVERYONE COPIES ME!!!!! Ah, many “try to become me” = though no one can as no one has done all I have done or experienced all I have experienced or THINK AS COMPLETELY & KNOWLEDGEABLY AS ME. Yes, I Do My Homework and that is LIVING LIFE TO THE EXTREME OF ALL THINGS !!!!!!!

Source: Technology could DESTROY humanity claims Stephen Hawking | Daily Mail Online

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