High-fructose corn syrup linked to obesity » Columns » Press-Republican

High-fructose corn syrup linked to obesity » Columns » Press-Republican.

Although I often speak with groups regarding this sad fact, I being only 1 person is often pushed aside as “who is he?”, “what does he know?”, “it is only 1 person saying this.”

The attached article backs up what I have been saying and teaching and practicing as much as possible ever since my 2 lovely daughters were born. Fact is we never had “junk food” lating around in our home, nor soft drinks, or processed foods. We mostly cooked and baked from scratch and if a “recipe” called for “1 cup of sugar”, we would do 2 things: 1) cut the amount in HALF, and 2) try to substitute “sweeteners that we felt were  “more natural”. We NEVER Took The Quick or Easy Way as we felt that our children’s health and well being was TOO IMPORTANT to take SHORT CUTS!

— A side story — We lived just north of Syracuse,  NY, hours away from family so visited every few months. I was a N.Y. State Trooper and we had a large laundromat, wash-dry-&-fold business, small auto dealership and body shop. With this all going on, once in a while we had to hurry especially when traveling to visit family just south of the Buffalo, NY area. We DID STOP at fast food places only a couple of times. That Did NOT work out well — WHY? The KIDS literally SCREAMED, CRIED & YELLED non-stop and REFUSED TO EAT “that stuff”. They said “IT TASTED TERRIBLE! Everything was so terribly sweet and made them gag!” — Their taste buds and bodies knew what science and health and common sense knows — THAT JUNK IS JUNK! The kids have never changed!

Guess that paid off: Now in their mid 30s, both daughters are “more-or-less” vegetarians (or you might as well say that) AND both eat better than anyone else I know – Health wise and value wise.  They are VERY PHYSICAL (run triathlons, tends to 1/2 dozen rescued dogs like they were kids), and work/play where most can not keep up with them.

The neatest part is: our work years ago FOR THE KIDS now is returned many times over as now the kids MAKE (and keep) ME BETTER!

Today, there is so much more information available and much easier to access yet so few so-called Loving Parents/Grandparents/Guardians/Teachers/Coaches/Leaders do much for anyone along these simple ways! Society should be ashamed! Society should change. WE MUST or sentence ourself and our children to terrible things to come!

Side Note: WANT MORE MONEY? WANT MORE TIME WITH FAMILY? WANT LESS STRESS? —- All these “Extras” are an automatic benefit of eating better! We found that our money/savings grew substantially. We saved a ton at the grocery store and were not going there often as we had most of what we needed at home.

Another fact: In the same time it takes people to “run to the fast food place and back” WE PREPARE (all of us spending QUALITY TIME TOGETHER) a fantastic meal. It tastes great, looks great, is very nourishing, and costs little! Talk about a WIN-WIN Situation for ALL. Give you and your family these same gifts of good living!


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