Brain scans reveal why some people feel your pain

Brain scans reveal why some people feel your pain – life – 27 May 2011 – New Scientist.

I feel your pain — Really I do!

I always have been able to “feel others pain”, be it physical and/or mental. The above scientific study gives some proof that I am not quite a “crazy” as you think.

I always say, the more a person opens their mind and soul, letting down all their “walls of defense”, then all forms of energy, be it “known” energies (powers, forces) or not yet discovered – at least officially or by science – can shine through and be “felt”. I think the same forces are what enable “mind reading”. I do it all the time, both to those I know – which is much less “mind reading” and more “knowing what they will do next or say next” BUT in my cases anyway, instantly “feeling”, knowing what they are going to say, to do, and what they are thinking and feeling —It sometimes makes life difficult. You are responding to them before they speak. Sometimes without thinking (not trying to be rude at all but) I  answer before the question is said or reply before their words exit their lips. —It just seems like they have said it once and when their lips move are saying it again — Gets confusing and again- sometimes one might think I am just being “short” — When nothing could be further from the truth!

These “powers” made me a great cop (NY STATE Trooper), especially if you know not what they say, BUT what they think. “Liar, liar, pants on fire — smile). Also when speaking with people/families, corporate or public leaders, it lends itself to question deeper when you KNOW What they are thinking and THEY TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE. It alerts me to dig into what the heck is really going on and to uncover the Illegal, Immoral, Unethical, Uncaring, and also enables me TO LITERALLY FEEL That ALTHOUGH THEY LOOK, ACT and SEEM Well-Adjusted, well-balanced, and knowledgeable, IT Truly PROVES TO ME Their TOTAL INSECURITIES and LACK of KNOWLEDGE , no matter the subject!—- Yes, many wonder why I am the way I am — Always “finding fault”, “second guessing” – as they say — The Truth is I AM NOT GUESSING — I KNOW! THAT PERSON TOLD ME THE TRUTH , even though THEY NEVER SPOKE THOSE WORDS! ——That is the norm! That is why I say/have my many truisms, saying and theroms and theories! They are more than that — THEY ARE TRUE, THEY ARE REAL ,THEY HAVE BEEN “TRIED & TESTED” BY ME! It Is FACT!

No it is NOT TV Fantasy or “dreams”. Actually shows such as “Fringe” and others, I have found to be in some ways, more real and possible than “the sane people in the world” know. Obviously, shows, movies and TV take things to the extreme but real life is more unique than most made up things.

My life experiences have been and what I have “Eye-Witnessed” and/or done are far from what most who never had the chance or situation to see for them self, i.e. a tractor-trailer slowly sliding and spinning and flipping through the air, coming directly at you while they are traveling at 60+ mph. You see it as if it were “a slow motion view from some movie scene”, you feel the air flow by as a bullet passes you, you see the head of a friend disappear before your eyes as a shotgun slug takes it away as it explodes. You see lightening so large, close and fierce that it temporarily blinds you and melts heavy metal as you watch. You feel the body of the loved one you just informed of their husbands, or childs death. You get to feel the anger of some of the world’s most powerful people when you arrest them and take them to jail when they could kill you and have diplomatic immunity to do so and simply be sent home.

Add to that – because of your position and access to records, situations and happenings, you see that WHAT IS SAID , WHAT IS DONE and How It Should Be — IS ALL A LIE. Is something that has been “made up” by the powers-to- be as just a facade to cover up something and that something is both important to be told the truth and something that if not done /o is being done, is or is going to cause great suffering for many – while the few smile, laugh-it-off and pat each other on the back for how they “pulled the wool over other’s eyes” or “got away with it”.

You see/feel/live with other real people who DESERVE MORE – deserve to have a good life, deserve to have justice and equal treatment squashed like ants – You too might not only feel different than you do, but might act differently and do more to repair, punish, and right the world — JUST AS I DO!

Am I “nuts”, you might ask? —- or is it that “From a different (better) vantage point, one sees more than you have! You should heed thee few that know the truth, dare to speak the truth and CARE ABOUT YOU AND ALL OTHERS! –Not scoff at them as “nuts” or “way out” or “over-the=top” We are NOT! Who suffers from “not-the-truth”, not-the-solutions”, not the right thing to do” — It is not us –IT IS YOU & YOURS!

Enlightenment is a life changing and FREEING EXPERIENCE — Who knows how far you can go if your total self is freed from your human faults! You cheat only yourself & family! Begin today to Learn and Discover! The world is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL (when you know).

True, science might not yet caught up to everything but that does not mean it is wrong or bad, or evil!

Animals have always been able to “feel things” most humans cannot. Animals often communicate with no voice or sound, or movement & man has fantasized of communication through THOUGHT alone. Sci-fi movies have shown “aliens” doing it — Maybe you have just missed it for now! Again – embrace what you do not know — Use all your God Given Senses. Let learning shine!


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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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