“The Man In The Mirror” Is The Problem!

“The Man In The Mirror” Is The Problem!
6-6-2011— Daniel Blecha

I have been yelling that to the world for many years — They ALL Must Go! Yes all leaders in government, private and other — We need a NEW START  – A Re-Awakening for Man. Sometimes an old house is just too far gone to rehab, it should just be torn down and freshness brought about! —- Rebirth anyone?

Who should take their place? Which side? NEITHER! None! They ALL are the part of problem.

We (most but not me) pick a side and go with it – Why? Because it is easy to pick the other guy/side apart- put them down – to promote “us against them” —- But what are we who yell that “our side is right”? – just as bad, without ever realizing we are – short-sighted, and narrow minded — both sides, all sides  – we now have a “choice” ha ha –the “tea party” – just another WRONG slant on things too – Just pointing a bit differently but “no clue either”.

ALL        TAKE – TAKE – TAKE          –          WANT – WANT – WANT

Example: you, me or anyone that “earned their pension”. Would you be willing to take a pension/benefit cut? Have to work a bit harder or longer or pay more for something? Does anyone ever say “I will work the same (or harder) for LESS”?

Not many would say “yes”! Fact: none of any of those sides I speak of above or for that matter almost none of the population at large! —- We ALL ARE THE PROBLEM. We can fix it simply, and swing things around abruptly BUT who will give up “things” or stuff or $$$ or POWER?

Would you vote for me? I can fix things and quickly – Make the world a great place for us all  — Now Vote for me and I will point at everyone of us, including myself. Would I get your vote or others? Likely not —– What kind of guy would be so bold as to tell everyone to give up more, get less, yet dare to ask for every-one’s vote? — I would! I care. I not only understand how things work but how they should and could – simply! (just like riding, driving, handling $$$ and MORE).

—- That deep down inside, most everyone knows/feels that what I say is correct and they have had it too easy, and taken the easy road rather than the “right road”. (ALL JUST LOGIC). Most realize there is no magic – or “just “hope it” into being so – or anyone that can get us all to walk on water! — YET The VAST MAJORITY, likely 95+%  vote for the GUY who t”made them feel the magic. Our “Little Boy/ Little Girl” mentality wants daddy, mommy, or God to “show us the way” (actually “do it for us” so we don’t have to do anything but have a good time. Our Emotional Selves completely take over and control us to jump on one side or another and not see that all sides are Oh-My-Scary-WRONG — So we ignore it, hide it or pick a BIG FIGHT to make us “have more important and immediate things to worry about and to take care of” —- DUH SYNDROME! — i.e. these guys want to take our guns away”, these guys want to take the power of our unions away”, these are changing our health care, —- “we’ll paint the room a different color” – that is what we must do today! —- Yes — all this fixes the real issues —-NOT ! They just give our “little human minds” something to do – NOT WHAT WE SHOULD & MUST DO! —- We miss the big picture of survival and lifting ourselves up to true greatness. — We fall below the level of my dogs logic and justness and love and caring – less human than the animals we “rule”!

Yes, I could fix us all –(and there are a few others like me that could) but –would you vote for the guy who pointed you out too or vote for status quo? Everyone’s Insecurities will prevail – DAMN ME – Point me out as EVIL, uncaring, unknowing, selfish and cruel. The good parent, parents – not just takes the “easy route” to “be their kids best friend. The good doctor would work to stay in shape himself, eat right, exercise and treat all with the same caring. He would dare to tell his patients “they must eat better, exercise more and care about others too”. Yet- Vote for DAN who wants to really fix our messes?

I would not just say “WE” must sacrifice”. I would say US ALL, me included! –That means I would give up most of any salary/benefits to serve,  – no pension for going into Congress, Executive office, Judicial system, Get the same health care as ALL other Americans – not my own special one, be part of SS, not exempt and have my own special system.

ALL laws would pertain to ME TOO – not be exempt as now reality (i.e. Congress can do “insider trading” in the markets while you go to jail  – ask Martha Stewart –  Congress  vacations/trips on my dime and my resources while their money’s grow “cause” they get inside info & THEY MAKE THE LAWS  that benefit their/friends/connected pockets.

Fact: I would not only make it mandatory about all leaders (even low level leaders, supervisors, etc.) to have NO MORE “perks” or special anything BUT MAKE anyone of the above MORE LIABLE, Less special, and HOLD THEM TO HIGHER STANDARDS – not lower ones as today.
Think about this: Karen & I have worked our tails off to make many 10000s to become very good, safe, comfortable riders and have fun! We “deserve” to now take it easy “on-the-job” so we can take short cuts, do less, spend less time with students and GET MORE $$$. —- That’s what everyone in our world does and thinks —- “I have been here for xxx years so I deserve a rise and have more time off and cut corners”.  I deserve it” — The AMERICAN WAY —

Truth — Why do I or anyone deserve anything more? I MUST WORK JUST AS HARD AND TAKE EVERYONE’s WELL_BEINGS into account each and every time! THEY DESERVE THAT!

Another FACT: As I (We) learn and evolve with more knowledge, and see and hear more – I (WE) actually work HARDER NOW than we did when we started or for that matter last month, last week — We have more to give and EVERYONE DESERVES as much help from us as we have available! —– Our costs/expenses have only risen – Realty is: WE WORK HARDER/LONGER FOR LESS THAN WE GOT YEARS  AGO! —

Funny thing though —- As we can and do more for everyone, my WANT & ENERGY & DETERMINATION continues to rise! It’s becomes a WOW – AMAZING EXPERIENCE EACH & EVERY TIME! —– Who else can say that? Everyone COULD – If They Live As We Do — NOT FOR $$$ or power but FOR MY OWN HEART & SOUL TO DO GREAT THINGS – To change lives, to do good and to make everyone we come in contact with, no matter where or in what situation or place — a BETTER LIFE for them! THAT IS WHAT MAN SHOULD BE – COULD BE!

Man just runs from the BEST OF LIFE to the WORST OF IT — WHY — Because “it is easier, quicker, cheaper, and can then have more time for …” THIS = NOTHING LIFE , Nothing worth really living! People cheat themselves and their great gifts and talents to waste away – punish those who really care or try to do good  and REWARD THOSE WHO TAKE THE EASY WAY, and make their own values and talents into nothing more than a $ sign. Some call it “Being Empty” – I use the Term “Hollow Man” or “Tin Man” as in “The Wizard of Oz” where the Tin Man has a great other shell BUT is EMPTY INSIDE & UNHAPPY because of it!

Anyone above anyone SHOULD SET A VERY HIGH EXAMPLE & LIVE IT! ——– Practice what they preach and demand MORE of themselves than they ask of others! —- Guess that is why in all my companies and careers, I have done so well and had such great people around. I not only “showed them” but Did It, not once, but every time, everyday! They felt the ENERGY, SAW THE RESULTS and THEY TOO GREW both inside and out! — and helped others to grow also!

Want to get rid of ALL those in power overnight? Put in my standards and conditions and they all resign overnight! —– Only those who GAVE A DAMN – like me- Would Want To Do More, Held to Higher standards and Get ALMOST NOTHING in return! —– Now maybe would you vote for me? Think caring for ALL & Looking at the big picture ALL of US (Not “me, now” mentality).

Yep, in no time, crime will end (the leaders both public, private and other are the BIGGEST CROOKS, one way or the other), food, medical, education, housing, transportation, hard work, hard play (that is what makes play fun), good family, great friends, good living and loving would cure all the cancers (both physical and beyond). Our resources would be plentiful rather than the biggest liars, cheats control all– hmmm – leaders

Think – no hunger, killing, theft, greed, etc. but the thirst for knowledge, fulfilling each of our desires (and they really are not $$$ or power) but using our minds, bodies and souls to do, to create, to serve and to love, be loved and cherish all of the world, all of life! —– Money just makes those who started off wanting to create great things, swerve to $$$. – Think star athlete or entertainer – they love to play, sing, dance and entertain – they have great fun doing it- money (their fans and agents say “hold out for more”, and you should do this or that approach blocks out their initial and true reason for wanting to play in the first place. You might have wanted to put cars together or bake cookies but $$$ drove you to the career that made the most, best benefits, less years to work, etc. — you might have been great in your true desires— The system took that gift away- it takes it away from all of mankind! —–

Yep get THEM ALL OUT –but if you don’t put me in — IT MATTERS NOT — that is tell all pay/pension checks bounce (or can’t buy a loaf of bread anymore), to survive one must build the fortress around to keep out gangs such as the world has seen (Attila the Hun, Sudanese pirates, heck the Bloods & Crips – or just the guy trying to find/steal food for him (or his family to live). Electricity, Internet, TV, gasoline, roads — stores — all a thing of the past! —-Yep we really care about “right and just” — We just get better at pointing at others and doing less ourselves! – Dinosaurs soon!
Vote for Me! Vote to Empower You and Yours. Vote to not just “change the world” but UNLEASH EVERYONE’s GREAT GIFTS & ENERGIES. Living & Loving will then FLOURISH! For the first time in mankind’s history — You and all Will Be FREE! — Until then- Man is the problem(and that includes ‘the Man In The Mirror”)!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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