NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law

NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law – Yahoo! News.

Read this article!

Then think about this: 2 weeks after Florida “changed” their helmet law, the lady who was instrumental in the terrible downgrading of it, DIED in a Motorcycle Crash 2 weeks later! Only a fool rides with none, cause he/she “know how to ride” they think –  (a BIG Deadly and Costly Joke – Well Over 90 % o riders today really are doing many techniques terribly wrong and have no clue what makes for really great skills and techniques).

—-Pennsylvania too had a very famous person Almost Die within 1 month of their law change too WHO ALSO took a large part in getting the change done! He luckily lived crushind almost every bone in his face and skull. Do you think he feels very well each and every morning and will hurt terribly till the day he dies! — Ouch!

Think about this: Who pays for these deaths, these intensive care charges, these 24 hour, 7 days a week keeping them alive, but maybe never functional? Who pays to support them and their family now that they can’t work? Who pays every month with HIGHER Medical Insurance Payments? Higher auto and other insurances? Higher Property Taxes going to hospitals, and other services –that YOU Don’t Use BUT THE SMART ASSES THAT claim they Have The  RIGHT TO BE STUPID  yet suffer nothing in more work, larger costs and taxes — WHILE YOU MUST NOW WORK HARDER & LONGER HOURS TO MEET YOUR JUST SHARE OF THINGS —

Hope you feel better now! Yep – Who’s RIGHTS do these people TAKE AWAY — OF COURSE Mine & Yours – The DECENT PAY FOR THE GUILTY! —-

Go Go AMERICA! —– We sure are – but not to the high side of life and living — NOW GET BACK TO WORK YOU SLAVE OF THE SELFISH FOOLS!


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