This Guy Is Thoughtful Enough To Do Something Positive — Are You?

Taking a Stand; They Tried to Hankook Me!


I was talking with my daughter this morning. More to the point, I was listening to her excitedly describe the game she was playing.

It reminded me of the day over five years ago when I held her in my arms the first time. Looking into her bright eyes, I wondered if she would know the USA I grew up in. Where the sky was the limit and we did not even lock the doors.

I had been a rising executive in the tech industry, even living in Asia for seven years, getting wealthier and more powerful while the nation that gave me everything was getting poorer. My faith was tested and I made a life changing decision, in spite of everything I knew in that moment what I would do � Take a real stand for our nation.

I resolved to found with my own resources (no banks), energy, and time to stop the hemorrhaging of our jobs and factories to other nations. Using all I learned about business here and in Asia, I would put myself to the test every day to make it work. Yes, success was unlikely, yet sometimes taking a stand is more important than potential failure.

Failure? Not with Americans like you that also care about our nation. After only a few short years, we have grown to help protect nearly 480 suppliers, our nation�s premier publisher released my book �Re-Made in The USA� last spring, and — we added over 3000 readers to this newsletter in the last month alone!

We are still small relative to the money gushing out of our nation from even a single Wal-Mart (Fact: Wal-Mart is by far the largest importer from China), although with your help, we are growing every day. We are making a real difference to entrepreneurs, workers, and their families all over our great nation.

The mess our country is in was not created overnight, nor will the solution be overnight. Similar to the Asian leadership, I have learned to think in terms of decades, rather than the latest, daily nonsense from Washington and Wall Street. I believe it would be beneficial for all of us to adapt a longer term view and keep in mind that our jobs depend on making it here.

The work is a lot more challenging than my old job, but also much more meaningful. There have been sacrifices and daily tests, but also growth and value in doing something worthwhile and meaningful. Meaningful for you too, I hope. Take a look at something as simple and American as a pair of jeans. Wrangler, Levi�s, and Lee have all sold us out. However, when you buy an American-made jean here, you make a difference and make it happen. Some American has to grow the cotton, weave the cloth, sew the jeans, transport it, etc. All those folks that touch the process benefit, PLUS you get great jeans!

Thank you! And God Bless the United States of America!!!

They Tried to Hankook Me! — Last weekend we dropped by the locally owned Goodyear tire dealer to get new tires for my wife�s car. The salesman went on and on about how he was going to save us big. Turned out they were getting money from Hankook , the Korean tire maker. I told him in no uncertain terms we were buying Made in USA tires and stepped towards the door � Suddenly lots were available. Imagine that!

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Todd Lipscomb

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Author of �Re-Made in The USA� (at Barnes & Noble:


Aug 15th, 2011

Make it a Great Day!

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