Those Who Are Great Humanitarians (Not Just Takers/Empire Builders/Degraders of Man)

Max Lee  –  2:53 AM  –  Limited
I admire Linus Torvald’s more than anyone else in technology, he didn’t make billions but he deserves 1000 times more respect from everyone for making open source platform, that is why we have Android today and linux that powers over 50% of world’s websites. He would have made 100 times more than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs combined if he decided to make Linux commercial 20 years ago.

My life’s goal has been to work with “open source” platform, Android is that, based off Linux.

Linus Torvalds? He invented open source without making a dime for himself, and that is what no apple fanboy understands, the value of free knowledge. No, I am not going to buy an iPhone yet (and probably never). Perhaps when they open source that shit.

It does not matter to me how much money you can make, that will never impress me but it will impress me if you can prove you can treat a human being like one.

Just remember, you can’t take ur wealth with u when u die but you can take your values with you and people will remember you for that.

Open source innovates, capitalist market where companies can sue for some dumb patents will not. Look at Lodsys patent trolls, do they deserve even a dime? Hell no.

In essence, something is wrong with American patent system that was flawed to protect the wrong people.

Linus Torvalds >x10 Steve Jobs(RIP)

P.S. I know u r dead already Steve but Linus is 1000 times more respectable in my mind for someone who gave and did not expect anything back from the world in return. No, I will not buy an iPhone 4S over your dead body, sorry


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