The Ocala Trio – Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 9-30-2012

Those who KNOW — Do The RIGHT THING – The Rest “Just Hopes & Prays”!

Another Amazing Week of FUN, LEARNING & Growth! More “Friends & Family” From Around The World!

This week, 3 wonderful people Travelled From Ocala, “booked Rooms at an Area HOTEL, and SPENT THEIR WEEKEND (and more) with the rest of the Easy Rider FAMILY. Kelly the Crazy Dentist (wanted to pull everyone’s teeth – ha ha), Her Wonderful DAD, James & Her Valued Friend & ASSOCIATE, Ryan had a great time and added so much to EVERYONE’s Weekend with their head, heart and wit.

They also got to Benefit From “Our Valued Associates” who Not Only Provided Very Personal Attention to “Getting the right stuff”, and also SAVED THEM Much $$$. Kelly mentioned that “where she had previously went and spend her money was a waste as “She Hated What They Sold Her. Going to the Right People Who Care Also gave her More Protection, Far GREATER COMFORT and Peace Of Mind! —— Again- It Pays To KNOW & DO “the right thing” ; It COSTS HUGE (both in Time, $$$ & HEALTH) to “FOLLOW THE CROWD”.

Other Fantastic Attendees Included “Those that Come From “Knowing Medical Backgrounds, Police Backgrounds, Experienced Backgrounds With Riding, And To Those That Just Were WISE ENOUGH To “WANT THE BEST, CHALLENGE THEMSELVES To BECOME THEIR BEST & Live Their Lives To The Fullest! One who has “family who KNOWS” (or should know) from MUCH TRAINING & EXPERIENCE, far BEYOND WHAT  “civilians” are able to attend — MAY NOT BE “Quite As Good, Are As Knowledgeable  Or Has As Good of Judgement” as they thought.

Yes, laughingly, (yet serious about it and NOT glossing over it) stated how “she already had educated and informed her other half of SERIOUS MISSTEPS HE ALWAYS DID, And HOW SHE WOULD NEVER PERMIT THIS DANGERS TO OCCUR EVER AGAIN! She Also has added that “he would be getting our training” to further his growth as “What He Does (or does not do) Either “Makes or Breaks” everything for Their Family!

As we always say “Just Because Someone Has Had Tons of Experience, Past TRAINING that “most WRONGLY THINK” is “the BEST” and Makes For Excellence May NOT “REALLY BE THE BEST”! ——- We show “the world literally every week of THEIR “Wrong Thoughts, Wrong Deeds, Wrong Techniques”.

Most Importantly We ALLOW ALL TO GROW FAR PAST WHAT THEY EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! That includes not only “superior skills, or judgment” BUT ALSO MORE FUN, Greater COMFORT and INCREASED EMPOWERMENT!

We Work For NO LESS RESULTS THAN THAT!!!! —– ASk Our Students; all “Friends & Family”, if They Agree —– Their YouTube Videos, Their Testimonials, There Writings, and Speeches & How THEY Work Hard To BETTER THE WORLD is Our Proof! — My “little words” mean little. THEIR ACTIONS & RESULTS MEAN EVERYTHING!

Karen & I laughed So HARD along with our family this weekend! We All Gained So Much! YES, The World Has Many Wonderful People, All Very Positive For The World’s Gain!

We can’t wait to see them all again Soon, and Ride With Them & MUCH MORE FOREVER!!! Thanks To You All!

Ocal Dentist, Dad & Associate Travel Past Many Others To ATTEND Only Easy Rider.

Ocala Dentist, family and Associates Know EASY RIDER MOTORCYCLE TRAINING Is The ONLY Place “To Really Learn To Ride” (and Thrive).



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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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