Drive From Louisiana For Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 10-7-2012

SUPER HIGHWAY or What???? This week’s class included a great couple – Drove From Louisiana To ATTEND The Class. —– Was It Worth It To Them??? Just  Ask Them!!!!

The Husband is President of a Motorcycle Club —- So He Wants ONLY The BEST !!! As Former Military, He KNOWS The VALUE Of GREAT TRAINING! He Also KNOWS : It ONLY TAKES ONE LITTLE SCREW UP TO END TERRIBLY FOR MANY PEOPLE’s Well Being! He Echoes My Truism “You Can’t Undo Dead”!!!!

In a few days, He Must Return Back To Work & His Life There!

HMMMM —- What Does He Know That “LOCALS” Have No Idea Of —- He Knows EASY RIDER MOTORCYCLE TRAINING Provides UNEQUALLED TRAINING! He Also is aware of how Other so called “Training Programs” do NOT Accomplish The Task Well!

—– Last Week 3 Drove Past Schools even in their hometown of Ocala. The week before that, people from even further away than that.

—– The NEXT CLASS Includes Someone Who Lives In MELBOURNE, Florida (where schools are in town also) BUT HE Is DRIVING UP For The Weekend To ATTEND “Easy Rider” Also! —– The Netherlands, Morocco, Mozambique, Alaska, and more  – ALL RECENT “GRADUATES” (actually ALL “FRIENDS & FAMILY FOREVER”).

Ask the Very Experienced Riders In This Class 2 things:


2) How MUCH THEY LEARNED & HOW MUCH THEY LEARNED. Ask them How “REALLY LEARNING TO RIDE” versus “what they always had been doing” Made a HUGE DIFFERENCE while it Made Riding So Much Simpler, So Much More Comfortable, So Much Safer & SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!!

Yes, make sure you ask them those questions! Ask them “What VALUE OUR COURSE WAS TO THEM!!!

—— Be sure to Chat  With The NEW RIDERS TOO!!! Ask Them How They Grew So QUICKLY From “Nothing  to  AMAZING”.  —– Ask them how “some of their acquaintances have fared going to “other training” —- Ask them if their friends “Can REALLY RIDE & THRIVE” or if they “just get by” – A TERRIBLE WAY TO “Try To Live Life”, “just getting by”!

—– Oh, and Don’t Forget To Ask One Student, Who Had A TERRIBLE CRASH in the Rain a while back this QUESTION:  Now That You Have Learned To “Really Ride” & Have Learned How To Ride In The Rain; Is It Actually VERY SAFE To Ride In The RAIN, Once One Knows Proper Techniques & Grows Judgement To Go Along With It”? —- Yes Ask Him if Riding In The RAin Can Be A VERY SAFE & Actually FUN Once Proper Techniques Are ACQUIRED. —– He went FROM FEAR OF THE RAIN to MASTERY OF THE RAIN & HIS BIKE During Our Training Sessions With Him. —– Incredible how GREAT LIFE IS ONCE One MASTERS THINGS!!!

Dana just bought the Newest of the new; a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300. She will be stopping by this weekend with it. Karen & I can’t wait to that bike. Reports are TOP NOTCH  About It!!!! Incredible power, fuel efficiency, comfort and price – all in one bike!

Others will be stopping by too!

— Sorry We Missed SO MANY FAMILY & FRIENDS that stopped by last weekend! We were in the classroom! — If We Are NOT RIDING, always check the room!

See you all soon!

Great Weekend With Great People! —— Let’s RIDE!!!

They Drive From Louisiana & Beyond To Attend Our Training


Yes, We All Had So Much Fun!


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