Spouses-California-N.J.-Texas-Minnesota All Present @ Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 2-17-2013

BRC 2-17-2013 Spouses - Nationwide Friends


Why do people come from Across the Country to Attend Easy Rider Motorcycle Training? Hmmm- maybe “they really want to learn to ride” rather than “just get by”!

There was a 30+ year married couple where she never rode before and he had lots of experience. Guess who struggled more -(we can’t say- grin). Both Grew So Much with their skills and Judgment; things most would never think about or realize, that is “Until it was too late”.

Others came from California, Texas, Minnesota, and New Jersey for the “experience of a lifetime”.

Other VERY EXPERIENCED Riders from cities in the northern part of the state, stated that “they were making their brothers and other friends and family Come Take Our Courses” as “even though they all were so experienced and thought they knew everything about riding and thought they were very good riders” REALIZED How Wrong They Were AND How Valuable It Was To REDISCOVER Real Riding, and NOT what “they thought was riding”!

It is not about “driving slow” nor is it “taking the fun out” BUT about Experiencing How Amazing It Feels When “Done Right” rather than “the way they and ALMOST ALL OTHERS Do It Oh-So-Wrong!

Yes – “The World Is So Wrong” for so many reasons and the world in general “Thinks they are just great”!

“Crashes Be Gone” !!!!! This is what these guys NOW  say versus “the accident was not my fault. I could not have prevented it”. Now they know WHAT They Did WRONG !!!! Never should they have any more crashes with the great techniques and judgment galore they now have attained!!!!

New Riders Fast “caught up to” and Even Surpassed the experienced ones so quickly with “no bad habits to break”.

Learning is FUN too. The smiles went around the world with this great group of people!

Karen & I are very excited to soon be riding with everyone! Riding is FUN and Getting with “Friends & Family” makes it More Fun!!!

Thanks for the laughs and the deep, caring wisdom from you all!

See you all soon!



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