EASTER FAMILY FUN @ Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 3-31-2013

BRC 3-31-2013 EASTER FUN With Family-Friends


Ever notice how SOME PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN ——– From Maine, California, North Carolina, across the street (my neighbor), family members of past students, new riders, experienced, and dirt bike racers too ——- Yes EASTER Was A Rocking Affair, where “friends, family all come together and SHARE ——- Yes Friends & Family FOREVER !!!!!

—– Did You Have Such a GREAT Day & Holiday as We All Did ?????

—–Maybe You Should Join The Fun With Us SOON Too!

—– ALSO So Nice To See So Many Former Students STOP BY To Say “HI”!!! —- Thanks Everyone !!!

Harvey, had to go back to  Maine for his endorsement to be placed on his license.  Rhonda is going back to North  Carolina BUT she will be back OFTEN to Visit. She had a Surprise Visit From “Her Honey”, “Coop”, another former student. It was great to see him stop by just driving in  from North Carolina also.

—– Getting back to this great group: It’s always funny to hear Experienced Riders often comment “How Hard It Is To Relearn The Correct Way”. — And Especially Rewarding When They Say “The New Techniques Make Riding So Effortless, FAR MORE RESPONSIVE, More Comfortable, SAFER & BEST of ALL  “More Fun” !!!!! —- We know that well —- The FUN Part!!!! We Live “The Safe Part” as it comes naturally ALONG WITH “GREAT TECHNIQUES & GREAT JUDGMENT !!!!


Some great bikes already owned and looks like some special bikes to SOON Be Owned by these riders!!!

Karen & I can’t wait to see them again and To Ride With All Of Them SOON !!!!!



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