“Connectivity” + “InterRelationships” = Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 4-28-2013

InterRelationships - Connectivity = Easy Rider Motorcycle Training

InterRelationships – Connectivity = Easy Rider Motorcycle Training

I OFTEN Speak/Write of “The Interactions, Connections & Relationships of EVERYTHING To EVERYTHING” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—- Everything you do or don’t do has HUGE EFFECTS on EVERYTHING & EVERYONE Else!

This group of people is a great example of “Connectivity”!!!!

The simplest “connections” are 2 pairs of people in the class: FATHER/SON of Tim & Luke & HUSBAND/WIFE of Fernando & Maria. The other “connections” are even though they did not know each other personally, PROFESSIONALLY 2 people were involved. One was in Emergency Services in NYC area, the other was responsible for the vehicles operations. LARUE instantly recognized Maria; he as a patron, she as the person who made his meals at her restaurant so fantastic every day!

Also 2 of the younger guys BOTH came from parents from other parts of the world; Aaron from Taiwan, Javier from Honduras. No wonder WHY THESE 2 are HEADS ABOVE “the average American youth”: their work ethics, their “awareness” of world events and knowledge of the connections involved, the “NEED TO DELVE DEEPER” into all subjects and matters, and their enormous concerns for others. They are great FUN to be around as they “push” everyone to “do more” & “be more”. Just as they CHALLENGE Them self to Attain FAR GREATER SKILLS, JUDGMENT & Understanding of the interactions, they energize others to Grow further too. Yes, they make GROWING & LEARNING & HARD WORK FUN!

To go even further, MANY in this GROUP INQUIRE & Wish To Learn More About OTHER THINGS in Life (All Connected of course); Numerous wish to learn more about “money management” and taking control of one’s own investing; That Is HUGE — Most RUN FROM gaining any knowledge of anything about their $$$. Most “WORK FOR MONEY”, while ALL Should “LEARN HOW TO “Make Their Money Work For Them”. Many too were very interested in “improving their health, their energy, their insights and manners of “relationships” (spousal, children, work, community and even of all in the world.

Yes, IMPRESSIVE GROUP OF PEOPLE !!!!! All “Just Beginning Their Life’s Growth Forever”!!!!!!!!!!

I say, mean and live “like I am a 6 year old child waking each day with big eyes, ears, sense of smell, taste and touch YEARNING To LEARN, Study, INQUIRE, “try” and “do” More as if I now know very little and WANT To KNOW ALL, but understand that is a Life-Time Of WONDERMENT !!!!!!  (most just go through the motions of “living” and work very hard to RUN FROM THEIR LIFE as they really have little of true worth! — money or “lots of stuff” means little if that is all one has or thinks they want. —–SAD —–

Yes, we had a GREAT Weekend!!!! Already have hard from numerous members & planning more learning in all areas of life.

THANKS EVERYONE !!!!! We can’t wait to see you all again!!!! —- Oh and let’s ride too – smile ——


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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