“It’s What Is On The Inside That Counts”, MOST SAY; BUT Most LIVE The OPPOSITE SADNESS!

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Although I don’t care —- I find it ironic that those who speak so much of “It’s what inside of me that counts; Not of the outside”, seem to never WORK on their insides with time and other resources invested to Learn More, Understand More, Build More, Create More INSIDE, while they SPENT MONEY, TIME and pain and discomfort All Over “THEIR OUTSIDE” only. Heck they spend more time “thinking about and deciding what to put outside than they EVER HAVE about valuable things like Learning to Really Drive a car, a bike, thinking, and learning about health both in eating better, and the physical self (to keep in good shape), to learn how to Handle their money and also how to make it grow (everyone NEEDS at least “some” of that to have enough food and shelter, YET those people often Yell about THEIR POVERTY instead of LEARNING ANYTHING and TAKING time and effort to Become Financially astute. (And the “outside art” COSTS THEM MORE of the LITTLE MONEY THEY HAVE, making them poorer ——-Time could have been invested also in HELPING others in many positive ways too.

I spend ALMOST NOTHING in “time or money” on MY OUTSIDE as I CARE NOT What I Look LIKE But I INVEST almost 100% of my time and resources to GROW My MIND, Body & SOUL to know more than any other. ( Knowledge WITH ACTIONS TAKEN IS FREEING). I spend almost 100% of my time and resources HELPING OTHERS to grow their skills, their judgment, their wealth; to help them EMPOWER THEMSELVES, to Cure Their Cancers, Their Sadness, Their Loneliness, Their Confusion, Their Hate, Their Greed, Their Selfishness, Their Wasting Away of Life, Mind, Body & Soul ——– AND my helping Makes My World BETTER !!!!!!!

Yes, Those who speak of and do NOTHING BUT “the outside stuff” ALWAYS are the Ones Who Speak “It is What Is Inside That Matters & Is Important” —— They Are RIGHT with THOUGHT & So NAIVE With DEEDS, and Resources that They Are WASTING Away and Making That Worse Without Even Realizing How IRONIC & Hypocritical They Are ——- SAD that “Common Sense” and them realizing they Do EXACTLY The OPPOSITE of What They WANT TO DO (at least in “mind”).

It is NO WONDER that MOST Never Get themselves out of “just surviving like an immature creature with no parents to guide”.

If you want to SPEND ALL On “LOOKS” then at least ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF !!!!!!!! You really ONLY CARE about “your look” indeed!!!!! AND “caring about how others perceive you PROVES Lack of Self Esteem, and IMMENSE Insecurity inside!!!!!

I realized that when I was young kid – while my friends dressed up, “got high”, or drunk, smoked cigarettes, and RAN AWAY From what they were (MOST are LONG DEAD from all this, by the way and died long ago), I REALIZED that I Was Born Into A POOR FAMILY, Had No “Contacts” or “Connections” to Move Me Forward or GIVE ME ANYTHING; I HAD TO SURVIVE by My OWN ABILITIES So I Had To “Become Good” at EVERYTHING and have the ability to Do ANYTHING!!!!!!! —— Yep, while they (friends) partied and did terrible things to their insides and outsides, I Was BUILDING GREATNESS INSIDE !!!!!!! —– HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPINESS FOLLOWED (while the others Kept Growing ONLY Their Insecurities, Their Needs For MORE “STUFF”, More “ACCEPTANCE” by Others Who ALSO Were As Big A MESS as They!

i filled my Heart, Soul, Mind With SOLUTIONS to EVERYTHING, FREEDOMS to Walk Away From “Jobs” and Careers That MOST Would Kill to Have, ENABLED MYSELF to Be TOTALLY HONEST, BLUNT and Yet LOVE More Than Most Ever Will Be Able To Do, (As one fills “the insides” with value, the NEED MOST HAVE For “Defence of their person” DROPS AWAY, so No Need For “Walls to Protect Me” and Hence, with no walls to “keep bad out”, The GOOD Of ALL LIFE from knowledge about all, the spiritual understandings so no need for others to fill that either, the “how to do” and ability to CREATE RUSHED INTO MY INNER SELF.

——- And that is the REAL SHAME of It All —— A World of Hypocrites with Nothing but FEAR & SELF DOUBTS INSIDE, totally OWNED & ENSLAVED by their lack of INNER ANYTHINGS !!!!!

Yep – No matter if it is BIG HOUSE, FANCY CAR, “Purse”, “Shoes”, Jewelry, “Jet-Setting Trips”, Exotic Meals, “Chic Clothes”, “Need To Be PAMPERED”, Need to Speak in “Certain words” or “accent”, Need to “Never Do That, as that is BELOW THEM”, etc. Heck, why do you think that “bikers ride fast”???? It is NOT Because They Are “Good RIDERS”. The truth is THEY ARE LOUSY RIDERS as the HARDEST thing is to RIDE SLOW With Control!!!! “Managers and “LEADERS” proclaim “I can do …” BUT strange they NEED MORE MONEY & PERKS than anyone else in REALITY as THEY Actually Are LOUSY at MANAGING, or Knowing How To Handle & Grow Their Resources SO THEY NEED MORE, Not LESS like Those Of Us Who “REALLY KNOW & CAN DO”- We Need LESS To DO MORE !!!!!!— the list goes on —————ALL SYMPTOMS of Insecurity, Lack of Self Esteem, “Doubt”, “Need for OTHERS APPROVAL”, Lack of Knowledge or Understanding, Weakness & Immense FEAR !!!!! ——-All of this CAN BE “FIXED” —— It Simply Requires One To DARE TO DO IT !!!!!!! THrow out ALL “what is and HAS BEEN”!!!!!! FREEDOM & HAPPINESS & Really LIVING Will Follow Forever!!!!!!!!!

( I can help you, if You Dare ). Just ask.



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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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