“Best Money I Ever Spent” (from MICHIGAN Flight For OUR Training): Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 11-10-2013

"Best Money I Have Ever Spent" - from Mike who Flew Down Just For OUR TRAINING

“Best Money I Have Ever Spent” – from Mike who Flew Down Just For OUR TRAINING

Strong Words, wouldn’t you say: ” This was the BEST MONEY I Ever Spent! Two people, Instructors, BORN TO INTERACT & TRAIN”! 5 Stars! ”

Yes ,this is the “short response from someone who Lives/Resides in Michigan, ALREADY HAS HIS Motorcycle Endorsement, Was GIVEN a “Free MSF Motorcycle Training Course” by the Harley Davidson Dealer near his home, where Mike just purchased  his new bike, TOOK VALUABLE TIME Away From Home, Away From Work, Paid To FLY Down to the Jacksonville Airport on Wednesday, RENTED a car, DROVE down to Palm Coast, where Mike PAID For His Hotel for his 5 night stay from Wednesday evening through Monday, THEN Fly Back Home to Michigan.

YES, When Mike said “the best money he ever spent”; he didn’t just mean $225. The MONETARY COST was LARGE $$$$ (flight, rental car, 5 night Hotel Accommodations Alone)!!!  —– Yep, He KNOWS What We Teach & Do, Give & Provide is PRICELESS !!!

——— When  we say “The World Comes ONLY To Us @ Easy Rider Motorcycle Training, no matter How Experienced or “new”, no matter HOW MANY “Other Places” one has “received training”, No Matter What LEVEL of SKILLS, education, profession, age or responsibilities —– THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT US !!!!!!! The World WHO UNDERSTAND What No One Else Can Give, is What Makes Us UNLIKE ANY OTHERS in the world !  ———- “Kentucky Rider” Just Registered to do the same as Mike today! The Dutch, Germans, Nigerians, Columbians, Australians, New Zealanders, Chinese, Filipinos, Canadians, GREENLANDERS, and ALL Other Nations FLY IN “Only To US”.

Isn’t it so strange that “locals” always MISS and few understand WHAT THEY HAVE but take it “for granted”!!! ——- Often they simply believe that “it matters NOT, as “everyone is the same”. They RUN to “save a few dollars” WHILE THEY RUN TO CRASHES, HURT, PAIN & WORSE to “save a few minutes, save a few dollars and “just go anywhere “to get legal” as “they ALREADY KNOW how to Ride” ( ALL SAY THAT !!!! AND All Change Their Words, as We Change Their LIVES FOREVER) !!!!!

———– Of course, the class was Made GREAT Too By The many who HEARD from THEIR FRIENDS, Their Family Members, Their fellow co workers, their bosses, “Experts” in the motorcycle industry, and from Those Who RESEARCHED and SEARCHED OUT Only The Best !!!!!!

Brothers “Rocked Together”, “Friends Rejoiced With Glee, “A Bit Older Guys” Made “the kids Stare With Amazement at the RAPID AMAZING Pace of LEARNING & GROWTH accomplished (Motor Cop Inspired “Look and Abilities”), Families who All Ride Sent Their sons, their friends, & EVERYONE they Come In Contact With: THEY TOO KNOW ‘Only With Us Does Anyone “REALLY LEARN TO RIDE” and Not “just get legal” as is “the way of the world” SADLY !!!!!

You Can’t Undo Dead” & GREAT RIDERS —– We Those Who ATTAIN GREAT SKILLS & FANTASTIC JUDGMENT THRIVE and Make Motorcycling SAFER THAN Driving One’s Car !!!!!!

——  FEW REALIZE  that Your Motorcycle Normally is SAFER (less likely to hydroplane, CAN STOP in a FAR SHORTER DISTANCE Then Cars & other vehicles, “escape far easier GETTING REAR ENDED to name a few positives. In short A GREAT MOTORCYCLISTS SHOULD NEVER BE INVOLVED IN A CRASH OF ANY KIND !!! (Car/Truck Drivers SHOULD Not Have Any Type of CRASH Either BUT – just as all riders, or operators of vehicles; MOST HAVE NO IDEA “REALLY HOW TO Drive/Ride or Do Much of ANYTHING CORRECTLY; They Just “Think They Do” SADLY. Yes, Ignorance May Be Blissful BUT It Certainly Can Be Hurtful And DEADLY, and YOU CAN’T UNDO DEAD !!!!!

YES We DO Amaze ALL Who Visit Us!

Yes, We DO Change LIVES FOREVER in MANY Many WAYS !!!!!!! We Empower; We OPEN MINDS, We Free The SOUL, WE “release the BRILLIANCE & MAGNIFICENCE OF ALL !!!!!!

We Settle For NO LESS !!!!!!!! (and as another student stated: “We REALLY DO CARE About EVERYONE” !!!!!

THANK YOU ALL!!!! Thanks to EVERYONE for MAKING Each & Every Day An AMAZING ADVENTURE !!!!!! YOU MAKE US BETTER. YOU HELP US TO Help Others Even Better Too !!!!

See You All SOON. —- AND That INCLUDES Mike from Michigan who will NOW be very much an ACTIVE MEMBER of Our EASY RIDER FAMILY !!!!!

Karen & I can’t wait to ride with you all SOON !!!! —- Friends & Family Forever !!!

Our Training Is PRICELESS —– Your Friendship and Sharing Is THE SAME !!!!





























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