“Princess”: What Else Can Be Said! Easy Rider Motorcycle Training BRC 11-17-2013

Princess --- The Guys Know "WHY". Fun and laughs and amazing growth for all!

Princess — The Guys Know “WHY”. Fun and laughs and amazing growth for all!

Just look at their faces; Sad Looking Guys Aren’t They !

Yes, we had NO FUN this weekend —- Well Maybe “just a bit”! — And “PRINCESS”, we really can’t say “why” : That is a class secret” !!! But it makes us all laugh a bit more!


——- AND as “the norm”, one person stated the first evening of classes “Recently I had an accident where a car was stopped in front and I tried to miss the car BUT hit it and it threw my motorcycle and I sideways. There Was NO WAY I COULD HAVE NOT Had That Accident”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

——- AND as “the norm”, BEFORE Saturday’s Riding was completed; That SAME RIDER “Changed His WORDS” to :::::::: “I WISHED I HAD TAKEN THIS COURSE BEFORE !!!!!!! I Would NEVER Have Even Been CLOSE To HAVING ANY KIND OF CRASH! BEFORE This Class, I Just NEVER REALLY KNEW HOW TO STOP PROPERLY! It is incredible how safely Quickly & In Such A SHORT DISTANCE MOTORCYCLES CAN STOP”                           ——–         BTW: this Rider Was Far More Than a VERY Experienced Rider, BOTH on dirt racing & on pavement. He ALSO “Thought he was a VERY GOOD RIDER “Before the class started” too —– ALL the time ALMOST ALL of the EXPERIENCED RIDERS who attend Say/Think THAT, BEFORE :::::::: AND ALL QUICKLY CHANGE THEIR “WRONG BELIEF Even BEFORE we make it to the riding range.

YES —— We DO AMAZE STARTING in Minutes Into the Beginning Moments of the initial Classroom FAR BEFORE We get to “REAL RIDING” ——

YES, That Is WHY You See The SMILES !!!!!!!!!! —- And those smiles were only about an hour into the REAL LEARNING Takes Place !!!!!!!

It was “funny” the first night upon meeting when a couple students asked “WHY Do People Come From All Over The Country & World To Come To Your Training, when there are so many across the nation and world and FAR CLOSER to All These People’s Homes”????????      ==============I Always Just SMILE & Say “Wise People Do Their RESEARCH and rather than waste their time, money and maybe LIFE. They “ASK” Where To Go For The BEST: —– Those WHO KNOW Always tell everyone “EASY RIDER Is The ONLY PLACE To Go To “REALLY LEARN HOW TO RIDE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, THEY KNOW WHY !!!!!!!!!  —– SMILE — (see below)

ONCE the classroom begins, within minutes, People are Blinking with Bewilderment! Within minutes they  “begin the head scratching and wondering about what they had ALWAYS THOUGHT TO BE TRUE & What They ALWAYS HAVE DONE BEFORE”.

They also are amazed initially at how many previous students stop by to THANK US, to tell the current class “How We SAVED THEIR LIVES”, and are surprised to hear How Far These People Came From just to stop by !!!!!!! ——- NOW They KNOW WHY also !!!!!!

—–YES, We Smile  A LOT !!!!!!! Yes, these guys Make Everything So Much Fun, Add So Much VALUABLE Comments and Greatly ENHANCE Everyone’s LEARNING !!!

++++++++++++ Guess I should mention WHAT NATIONS WERE PROUDLY REPRESENTED This Week: The great nation of Guyana in South America, Cuba & Portugal!  ——- A Few States Represented include: California, NY & NJ to name a few.

—————Special Thanks To Lynn from St. Augustine who stopped by to THANK US and told how LAST WEEK she came within 2 inches of Being KILLED by an Out Of Control Speeding car (over 60mph) who LONG AFTER a RED LIGHT for that Car was “red”, came FLYING THROUGH an intersection & ONLY BECAUSE of OUR TRAINING did she have the GREAT JUDGEMENT to SLOW DOWN Considerably Prior to Entering The Intersection , EXPECTING “crazy things to happen”, HAVING “an escape strategy” AND HAVING THE SKILLS TO Successfully redirect her FULL DRESS HARLEY to “Be MISSED” by that “I Must Add “BEFORE LYNN Hear About Us at Easy Rider; she Attended Highly Advertised Training in another city where she lived and was told “She NEVER Would Be Competent To Ride a Motorcycle”. She Happened to run into one of OUR STUDENTS in a northern Harley Dealership who TOLD HER “Oh My, You Never Should Have Went Anywhere BUT To Us, at Easy Rider! Lynn later called and upon again gaining “nerve” to attend, and AFTER “We FIXED HER” after the other place had RUINED HER,  She Did GREAT !!!! — That happens ALL THE  TIME!!! ——And also MUST ADD, a month later, Lynn Called us from Quebec, Canada where she had ridden , By Her Self FROM Florida! —- 6 Months LATER Lynn brought “her posey” of ladies all on their Harleys for one of our ADVANCED CLASSES. — You should have seen her; Yes, the lady who was told to “take up knitting instead”!!!!!! Since that time, Lynn has numerous Iron Butt Awards (1000+ miles in a day, has ridden “6 figures”, has ridden Pikes Peak, Tail of the Dragon many times, and has been  the ONLY AMERICANS INVITED to Ride With CHINESE “royalty” throughout China for 6 weeks, where she received literally “RED CARPETS” at every Chinese Government Paid/Sponsored Elite Hotel she stayed. Also MUST ADD: Lynn is a highly regarded and Extremely well known speaker and educator and motivator of young people and all !!!!!!!!! —– Lynn makes her “appearance OFTEN in our classrooms and on our riding range! 100s of people arrive for our training From Her Words! 100s of them (all actually- smiling) THEN RAVE to Dozens of THEIR Contacts ABOUT US !!!!!! —- Yes, the world KNOWS About Easy Rider Motorcycle Training, and OFTEN When Our Phone Rings, the first question people ask “Am I Really Speaking to you, Karen?” or “Is this really you, Dan, I am speaking to” I have heard amazing things about you!”   ——– Thank you all for such KIND WORDS !!!!! Thank you all for your Support, your help, your growth and EVOLUTION! THANK YOU ALL who so often say “Karen & You have CHANGED EVERYTHING in my Life: how I drive, ride, spend my money, invest, raise my kids, relate to my spouse, how I work and my positive growth personally and professionally, and how my Life’s Happiness Has Grown!!!!!! You taught me how to BEGIN to THINK & LIVE. You Opened My Mind To EMPOWER & release my creativity and energy and spirit!”  ——- Yes, Again THANK YOU ALL – You Are FAMILY & FRIENDS FOREVER !!!!!!!!

——–See you all SOON. Let’s Ride !!!!

YES – We Teach The World !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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