Evolution! Experience! “Connectivity of All To All, Past, Present & Future: All As One”

Photo of Town Crier Article Photo of Trooper ID and Retired ID


Hmmm, who can say this: NY State Trooper, Owner/Financial Adviser of Blecha Financial, NY State School Teacher, Accounting Business owner, Cosmetologist to some of the “rich and famous”, Founder/owner of Blecha Auto, Blecha Dismantling, Mattydale Laundromat, Blecha Properties, Land Lord of the Year awards from H.U.D., Class President (numerous years), Director at Chamber of Commerce, “Top Cop”, dozens of “good guy letters” both from citizens “helped” & “arrested”, Author/Columnist : “Trooper Magazine”, weekly newspaper column “Learning To Use Money”,  monthly motorcycle magazine column “Easy Riding Along With Us”, “God Must Be Crying”, “Warm Hearted World”,

ADD: Drivers License Examiner for Florida, Owner/Founder/ Trainer of World’s Best Riders @ Easy Rider Motorcycle Training, Professional Options & Futures Trader, Educator, Guide, LIFE Leader of issues, problems, needs: finance, HEALTH, Relationships, “sex”, Construction, Home Design, Kitchen design, Business Start-ups, Founder  of International Telecom Company (was one vote shy of CEO, Chairman, President of it), stints aiding US Postal Service, Small Business Administration, Motivational Speaker/Teacher. For Decades been “CONSULTANT to many individuals and organizations and families. Included too are Monthly Consulting to LARGE LAW FIRMS when they were involved in LARGE ISSUES with many of the lawyers involved in the case or situation. As they always said near the end of the meetings “Prior to meeting with you, we looked at the situation this way … and planned to handle it this way …., BUT after listening to you, WE TOTALLY REVERSE our plans and SEE THINGS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN WE HAD VIEWED THEM”.

ADD: Fisher Price Quality Control Inspector, Logistics Manager of Factory Assembly Lines, Animal Trainer/ Rehabilitator,  Housing Rehab, short time Band Member of Rock Group (we ended after friend/member got head literally half taken off by drunk in front of my house), Most friends LONG DEAD from LSD, Acid, Pot, Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, and other “drug uses” and/or fatal vehicle crashes, work fatalities, SUICIDES of Co-Workers, some just after leaving us at work, sitting at dinner table with family, pulling out 347 magnum revolver and shooting self in head in front of wife and daughter, NUMEROUS other co-workers doing similar and/or their kids shooting selves, or hanging selves, etc.

Don’t forget: sat and dined with MANY of the “world’s rich, famous, most powerful, CEOs, “Super Star athletes, movie stars, politicians, singers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Best Selling Authors, Economists, Military Marvels, Sheiks, Kings, Queens, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, Religious Leaders, and more.

Add: TRAINER to MANY of Them.

Also in a Large Demonstration with NY Governors Present for the Event; Knocked out with 1 punch a large “Physical Ed Teacher” in a Boxing Contest that kept that person in the hospital for 3 days after; Arrested a very wanted and dangerous kidnapper who moments ago had gun pointed at me less than 2 feet away, walked alone into barroom brawls with 200 fighters using guns, knives, broken beer bottles, chains, tire irons, to shoot, cut out eyes, stab, slit throats and have “other fun” to Take Control of the establishment, RAN from 80,000 pound Tractor Trailers jack-knifing towards me at 70 mph, having to climb 10 foot snowbanks to escape, High Speed Chases during Rush Hour where “spaced out drivers” were going at speeds exceeding 150 mph through inner cities Driving WRONG WAY, HEAD ON into traffic, having to catch up to and PUSH car and driver into “right lane”, spinning them around and continuing the fun (Just a FEW PEOPLE’s LIVES Depended on My Skills and Judgment, Getting to KNOW (all too well) some of the “richest and most famous and being in their Disastrous Homes destroyed by their COMPLETE IGNORANCE of “house keeping practices”, ALSO seeing these same people (not just one family but many from around the world) that wore $10,000 suits, $20,000 dresses, huge diamonds, BUT their CLOTHING, no matter if that expensive stuff or their “everyday” clothes AND THEIR KID’s Clothes Too Being Literally BLACK on the INSIDE where it was APPARENT that No one in the family BATHS or “cleans themselves, EVER” !!!!!! Yes, BLACK on the INSIDE, “gloriously magnificent on the outside”!

Want me to ADD: things like how TOTALLY WRONG, IGNORANT and UNCARING, UNKNOWING, all the “experts” really were as I informed them of “what they had NEVER thought of or known about before”, were their own words to me OFTEN! AND what about the LIES I have often told MANY YEARS ago on TV weekly often, the radio 100s of times yearly, and was quoted in the newspapers why? — “To PROTECT YOU, The Public” from what I shortly realized was The Worst Thing I or “All Systems & Leaders” could ever do to YOU—- YEP, We THOUGHT that Keeping You  In The Dark would “Make You Feel Well Protected, SAFE and that all things would go well and were in good hands”. YEP, we lied and over the years LONG AFTER I STOPPED , I see, hear, read ONLY The LIES, DECEIT and CONTROLLING Grew Much Bigger, MUCH WORSE!!!!!!

Yes, I have first hand witnessed America and Americans Disinformation and “DUMBING DOWN”. Now it is a Complete catastrophe as “it is the way that almost all LIFE, THINK and DO! “Thinking and LOGIC and ability to solve and MAKE BETTER have long gone.

—-and this is just a bit of “experience”.  So MUCH MORE, I  have either “forgot while writing this OR intentionally left out. My World Contacts are VAST, and MANY and OFTEN “well connected” to “the Top” and in everyday life from around the world. If You “Were ME”, you would be VERY AFRAID for MANKIND! If you knew 1/1oth of what I know, you would CHANGE EVERYTHING TOMORROW !!!!!!

Possibly NOW when you hear my truism “Most people are wrong about most things, most of the time; you will take note and THINK deeply for a few moments instead of “jumping to your usual WRONG conclusions”.

Einstein said this about himself many years ago: “It is Not that I am smarter than anyone else; it simply is that I work at issues harder and longer than anyone else”. —- That also describes me: I work HARD, LONG and FOREVER at evaluating and re-evaluating and testing and retesting and studying, trying, watching, listening and DOING DIFFERENTLY to achieve “answers” an solutions that MOST ever have a difficult time understanding, though in reality , they are VERY SIMPLE, if one knows “How To THINK”, openly and evolutionary!   —– To achieve that takes 2 things: 1) OVERCOMING FEAR of CHANGE, 2)DARING TO BE DIFFERENT from ALL OTHERS! —— Great Wisdom, Freedom, Brilliance, Creativity, Happiness and Contentment is then GAINED forever after !!!!!

MAY 2014 Be YOUR YEAR of Discovery, Change, Empowerment & Freedom !!!! May 2014 be Your Happiest Year Till Now & Every Year Thereafter Being Even Greater !!!!!

——————– Please    D A R E    to    B E    G R E A T  —————————-





About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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