Calls to poison centers about e-cigarettes have surged — Stupity Prevails

Calls to poison centers about e-cigarettes have surged – The Washington Post.


Calls to poison centers about e-cigarettes have surged - The Washington Post

Oh, Mankind —— The Species of ” Excuses and workarounds”.

Rather than “fix” anything, man is the master of circumventing the Problem’s Solution instead to Make The “Workaround into ANOTHER MONEY MAKER”, and ANOTHER BAD HABIT and “Hook” for ONGOING REVENUE STREAMS !!!!!!

Oh course: Why “STOP” people from “doing Terrible things to self and others” WHEN INSTEAD “we can just guide the ADDICTS towards ANOTHER BAD HABIT that Makes The Addict BELIEVE It Is A BETTER HABIT (alternative) so they FEEL BETTER About Them Self so  they HAPPILY CONTINUE as if They Were NOW WONDERFUL, SMILING at SELF while ENSURING the Manufacturers and distributors EVEN BETTER ONGOING REVENUES !!!!!

Yep AND the ADDICTS CONTINUE —- So The Circle Goes —————– though there are “casualties along the way” and people still die and NOTHING IS MADE BETTER or FIXED —- It Is Simply “BETTER HIDDEN & FORGOTTEN” !!!!!!!

Oh, America, The Land of The Naive, Sick, & WEAK-Of-Mind !!!!! The Land of EXCUSES & HIDDEN REALITY !!!!!

——-LASTLY, Let’s least NOT Forget; Nicotine is a STRONG DEADLY POISON! No matter how ingested, it is In The Body and The Skin, Flowing Through the Blood Stream, The Brain, Heart; When you kiss your spouse, THEY TOO “Get Nicotine”. When you HUG YOUR KIDS, THEY TOO GET IT “GIVEN TO THEM, By Their Loved One”! —-And All The While YOU SAY YOU LOVE & CARE FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

——Add One Last “Little Thing” YOU “GIVE” YOUR FAMILY; The Gift Of BLOWING the FAMILY’s MONEY All FOR YOUR OWN “Enjoyment” (suffering and weakness and selfishness)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Many Millionaires Are MADE just from The SAME AMOUNTS of MONEY YOU “SMOKE UP” !!!!!!!!!!     All because instead of “Being a Great Parent, Spouse or even PERSON; Who Are Just Another ADDICT who KNEW BETTER WHEN YOU STARTED But “You Thought It WAS COOL to Join Other STUPID PEOPLE as You Were/Are So WEAK of SOUL that You MUST JOIN IN DUMB rather than Set Great Examples of Common Sense & Caring !!!!!!


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