Vandals Flip Smart Cars Over in San Francisco

Vandals Flip Smart Cars Over in San Francisco | NBC Bay Area.

——For the FEW of You who have Followed my words and works for decades, you recall me speaking of “Mad Max World” where there is “no rhyme or reason” to ANYTHING other than DESTRUCTION, Destroying, TAKING, Controlling & MAYHEM!

Though I wrote this online (one of my first ever posts) before I knew anything about “posting, forums or publishing online”, I FORETOLD of Car Jacking, Home Invasions, “The KNOCK-OUT type of games, mass raping, torturing and senseless killings. I Foretold How NO ONE, ANYWHERE WAS SAFE!

What has happened since I stated/published that::::: EXACTLY THAT !!!!

And the depths “know nothing, SCUM” go to to “do nothing positive & WORK VERY HARD coming up with “More Dastardly”,  more harmful & destructive deeds is limitless! Yep, flipping a car over “Is FUN & FUNNY” to THEM!!!!! They think NOT, or CARE NOT for the poor owner who likely NEEDS TRANSPORTATION at a SMALL PRICE so They Can Survive getting to work and paying their bills !!!!!!!!!

Yep, MAJOR Destruction to those cars, top to bottom, end to end and internally and mechanically MAJOR COSTS ALSO! Yes, These SCUM-BAGS may have literlly RUINED the lives of the owners!


Now for a “WHY”;;;; Why today’s peoples do such things without thought of “harm done”======== Today SOCIETY has Been TRAINED & MOLDED & CONDITIONED to “do & stay” empty. Empty of mind, body and soul.

Look at the options most kids and adults have For Positive CREATIVITY, productivity and GROWTH!!! Society has created “media for the masses” that promote “DUMB”!!!! Look at the $250 million+ JACK ASS Movies! People either hitting each other or trying to smack their own “manhood” as it is FUNNY (so they and 10s of Millions of PAYING Movie Goers VOTE/watch).

Look at STUPID “ZONING” that MOST (99.99999% of YOU ALL) WANT!!!!! Think of how dull and boring and EMPTY in every way (sight, sound, actions and way of life) YOU ALL “CREATED in your neighborhoods; Yep , You WANT “nothingness next to you”. You WANT No Businesses, No Productivity, No Sight or SOUNDS near you other than “EMPTINESS”.

—- Hell, most of YOUR KIDS have NO IDEA What You Do for a Living or “where money comes from” or “How ANYTHING WORKS” !!!!!!!!!!!! In many places a person can’t pull his/her own small boat into their driveway to put air in the tires of the trailer, or maybe grease the wheel bearings. So YOUR KIDS “See, HEAR, Feel, SMELL, Taste, Sense Or LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING !!!!!!!

Years ago (and STILL in the small town I GREW UP IN; TRUE LEARNING Is POSSIBLE!!!!!!! No restrictions “On DOING or CREATING, MAKING, BUILDING, Performing or Assembling!!!! YES, people and their KIDS CAN DO THINGS —– AND They Are POSITIVE THINGS !!!!!

Did you hear me;;;;; They Can DO POSITIVE THINGS !!!!!!!!!! They can ACTUALLY “LIVE” and JOIN, Take ACTION to Learn & Do !!!!!!!!!

They learn that MEAT comes from cows, pigs, chickens and other animals. They see the animals LIVE, many actually taking care of them, Some learning to KILL THEM (as they must to butcher the animal, so They LEARN to APPRECIATE LIFE Itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They learn that “money does not come from trees or is Endless in a PLASTIC CARD; they learn that the FOOD the animals eat, costs money, the animal requires CONSTANT Attention and PROPER CARE. They learn How To BUILD all kinds of structures, Create MUSIC, ART, Learn the VALUE of SAFE WATER, SAFE SOIL, SAFE Land & AIR.

They learn the VALUE of THEIR NEIGHBORS as at least SOMETIMES they too “need an extra hand from their neighbor and they ACTUALLY Get To KNOW Their NEIGHBORS, their community, and Appreciate ALL PEOPLES EVERYWHERE, all animals, both domesticated AND wild.

They learn the VALUE of the Crow, the vulture, the flies and ants and other insects as well as RESPECT a Deer, a Moose, a Skunk, a snake.

They learn HOW To PLAN, VALUE and CARE For “things” and “stuff” and also realize the VALUE (NOT) of “stupid stuff that “might look good BUT is actually “good for nothing”!

WHAT THEY Build Is HUGE::::: Confidence, self reliance, SELF-ESTEEM, RESPECT, and PLANNING. They LEARN That “just because they had lots of food on the table today Does NOT “Guarantee” that tomorrow the food will “JUST BE THERE”, with no thought or idea oh ALL The THINGS that MUST HAPPEN for the food “to get there” !!!!!!!

—— YES, MOST PEOPLE & KIDS Grow up and LIVE In UTTER EMPTINESS so “what can be expected”; When NOTHING is TAUGHT, and THEY HAVE NO VALUE — Yes NO VALUE of anything ESPECIALLY OF SELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They  are DUMB, STUPID, WORTHLESS & EVIL in the end BUT all beause YOU ALL WANTED to “protect your neighborhood from THINGS OF VALUE & Things that ARE A PART of LIFE !!!!

Few people, spouses, parents and/or groups/systems Even Whisper the NEEDED WORDS of LIFE!!!!! Money is A No NO, as is SEX, or politics or religion (not “QUOTED” and SUNG cause it sounds nice, or ENTRENCHED into the EVERY PART of living With NO OPEN discussion as to If It EVEN MAKES SENSE in the first place BUT “it was told to me, so I tell the same to you” mentality, with NO “logic or sense” to it. Guess the best way to say it is “It is cause it is and it always has been it” , are the words to DEFEND their Traditions, and traditions is all they really are in the first place when knowledge was very limited a couple thousand years ago).

Yes, People watch and prefer to watch, listen to and “do” the quickest, the easiest, the MOST MINDLESS THINGS rather than Dare To CHALLENGE Themselves or DARE FACE “Their FEAR of “Being Different”, NOT BLINDLY FOLLOWING and “JOINING”. 99.999999% of ALL PEOPLE DARE NOT “Do what is RIGHT or LOGICAL” as THEY are WEAK & just as MISERY LOVES COMPANY, FEARFUL PEOPLE REQUIRE OTHERS LIKE THEM AROUND to “pat them on the back”, “tell them YOU ARE GOOD”, even when THEY Do/ACT/THINK NOTHING “Good” or worthy of ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!

Each & EVERY “weak or mind, body and soul” person JUMPS to OTHERS Like Them out of FEAR rather than strength. It takes “GRIT” and DESIRE to “BECOME ANYTHING of VALUE! —– The 99.99999% just “want to survive” and “let others or other entities take care of them instead” !!!!!!!!

Add THE CYBER WORLD —– MOST today “Live in The Cyber World”;  Few work with their hands and or minds to physically create anything. “Bankers” Know NOTHING “About Money”- they just “count”. The same for accountants, financial “experts” (a REALLY HUGE JOKE),  “teachers teach” but they have NEVER “done it or used it” in “real life” so they Have No Idea of its use or VALUE. They “just regurgitate , what was regurgitated to them”, politicians “politic”, as do so many MANAGERS, CEOs, Superintends, etc.; They All “took the Short Cuts to “Get there” and as “efficiency Experts, they claim to be, if so WHY do they NEED So MUCH MONEY. PERKS for their OWN HOUSEHOLD ???????????? (Efficient; Knowledgeable; Understanding NOT !!!!! – they just KNEW HOW TO “sound good”, “pass tests”, “make the proper connections” and Now They Lead ????? — Oh My !!!!!).

CYBER WORLD —- Kids (anyone as the AVERAGE “Gamer” is 35 years old) NEVER SEE Someone or SOMETHING Die!!! They only know “death” as BLASTING PEOPLE, THINGS AWAY & THEN “all they have to do is touch the RESTART BUTTON and EVERYONE and ALL THINGS are Back together As If NOTHING HAPPENED !!! Sex; Oh My!!!!!! Most people’s “sex lives suck” (I hear REAL PEOPLE’s WORDS telling me their inner most secrets often); wives with “minute men”, “rough grabbers, “old old boys” and “drunken and / or “High” partners; “touch”, fondling, “INTIMACY NOT”!!!!!! Heck Few “spouses” actually even know (Or SADLY CARE) about their spouse! Time spent together (ha ha) is with both in the same room (maybe) BUT uttering not a word with EACH on their OWN chat site, their OWN TV channel, their OWN PHONE CALL, TEXT MESSAGE, etc. —- “Together” ????? FEW Know what the word means !!!!! Yep, CYBER WORLD! Even the foods are FAKE !!!! So goes the shoes, purses, “bling”, “tats”, chrome on the bike, the car, the vacations Are “CANNED ONES” Too !!!!! Really “Doing Something” — What does THAT Mean ??????? You see, watch, “do” & “think” what YOU ARE CONDITIONED to “think ” (really “NON-THINKING” as that is a skill LONG AGO “Run from” by MOST).

~~~~~~ An Aside :::: Within the past few days I had people telling me how “their children ABANDONED “their family traditions” that Broke the hearts of the parents. I say to them You Should Be VERY PROUD that YOUR CHILDREN Are Intelligent, THINKING, CARING Individuals that DARE to “Blindly Not Follow” as “following anything is “The EASY WAY” (though the EMPTY WAY).  Add some parents have told of “Hideous Things” their kids have done (that really are NOT “so hideous or bad or evil” if one WAS OPEN-MINDED and NOT BRAINWASHED to “think and act” only certain ways (the ways of “the group”).

DARE TO Be Different; To Do ; To Think; To Act —- Break Away from “All Traditions”, Encourage CHANGE in the makeup of the neighborhood allowing “real life” to happen. Let you and your family SEE, PROBABLY For The FIRST TIME EVER !!!!!!!!



LOGICAL PEOPLE DARE To “examine and re-examine” and CHANGE CONSTANTLY.

LOGICAL PEOPLE “Always Do What Is Right; NEVER Just What Is Popular” !!!!

Logical People CARE, LOVE & LIVE Stronger, Happier, Healthier, More Productive Lives In EVERY WAY !!!!

—– Dare “TO BECOME REAL”    —- Your Life Will Change Immensely Tomorrow and FOREVER In HUGE AMAZING WAYS !!!!! — Want to Smile  & Laugh & Love & BE LOVED MORE” —- I give you The Keys to The City !!!!!



About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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