News from The Associated Press

News from The Associated Press.

News from The Associated Press

Ever see Tumbleweeds Blowing and Blocking Roads and Homes and more?????

Know WHY they “form and blow”?

Heard of Dust Bowl Days in the Midwest?

Know how many people DIED from this?

Do YOU “Like To Eat”?????

So much is returning: Major Droughts, Floods, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Horrific Winds, Tsunamis, Extremes of COLD & HEAT ——-

Add other “man-made mayhem”: SPYING on own citizens, drones that blast life away, misuse of power, Leaders Breaking The Laws They SWEAR To UPHOLD, Torture, Taking away of liberties, TAKING PRIVATE PROPERTY “cause they can”.

Add “Knock Out Game” where minorities JUMP, PUNCH & KILL innocent people as they are simply walking, HOME INVASIONS (By The Government), Riots When “Their Team Wins” that destroy HARD WORKING PEOPLE’s Businesses for no reason, MASS ROBBERY of Stores by 100s at once, and so it goes ———-

Sane Military and / or former military personnel who Speak of How “America is THE TERRORISTS, the INVADERS, The Evil Empire”.

“Leaders” who At-The-Pleasure “just make laws” or “just overlook laws” that work against THEM to MISUSE it’s own Citizens —-

hmmmm, sounds like Hitler’s Germany, doesn’t it!

“Remember, remember, the 5th of November”

Civil War??????? Total Breakdown of “systems” from utilities, emergency services, food production, delivery and COST beyond MOST Peoples Resources; Others who simply PLUG IN  to “the Matrix” to be fed through tubes permanently so no work, effort, thought or deed need be done.

More NOT-WORKING than “work” and/or MORE “jobs” with their goal to Try To Fix THAN “do it right the first time! Educate to STAY HEALTHY, Handle Own Money Personally Well, Drive their autos SAFELY, Cook rather than “open the box”, TALK, Converse and Exchange Ideas & Thoughts Rather than “mindlessly jabber or “text” for no actual VALUE. Add SEX; Yep, “CYBER SEX” or “Imaginary Sex” OVER “true touching, giving, sharing and PHYSICAL interactions.

Yep —– Man Has About Accomplished NOTHING POSITIVE But He Has MASTERED DESTRUCTION & EXCUSES & TAKING NO MATTER What, When or Where!

Over population by about 8.5 Billion of starving, begging, killing ANIMALS far LOWER than any other species or entities .

———Now go back to watching the game, the sit-com, chatting on your phone, shopping for purses, planning the next cruise, running to the Junk Food Place, texting about your next “tat”, bitching about your job, your spouse, your kids, your community —–HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM



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