Study: Babies Show Racial Bias – (I PROVE THIS “WRONG” !!!!!!!)

Study: Babies Show Racial Bias « CBS Seattle.

Study: Babies Show Racial Bias « CBS Seattle

DUH ——– “Social Scientists” : How Brilliant (NOT)!

Their “Studies” (done with $$$ that does NOT “Grow On Trees”, Contrary to popular belief, have “Discovered” that babies when given the chance to “Go and Play With Their OWN “Colors”, “Types”, “Looks” Do Just That RATHER than go play with “different ones than they” !!!!!!

They Say::::: “Babies Have RACIAL BIAS” !!!!!

OMG, Let’s use the picture above as an example: I Would Bet SINCE BIRTH that Baby Had HIS MOM, DAD, Grandparents and others AROUND/NEAR HIM Primarily and maybe SOLELY for Him To SEE & Get Comfortable With! I also BET that MOST or ALL of them LOOK LIKE “Mom & Dad”.

Babies, children & “even adults” “become comfortable with WHAT THEY KNOW & DO” and feel a bit TIMID or nervous or even afraid when THINGS ARE “DIFFERENT”!

HENCE, when put into a strange place with strange and DIFFERENT LOOKING PEOPLE, (it matters NOT if child or adult), THE BABY WILL GRAVITATE TO “What He/She HAS “Known”, Has “Seen”, and Experienced. —– NO “MAGIC”, NO “VOODOO”, NO “RACISM” or HATE or EVEN “wonder”; The other/DIFFERENT Looking BABIES are NOT “his/her 1st choice”!!!!! Of course, THAT WILL CHANGE over TIME and Exposure to “DIFFERENT” But “For The INITIAL & Present”, SOMETHING or SOMEONE Who “Looks Similar” is going to be “CHOSEN” as accepted Because of SIMPLE “more comfortable with”!!!!

These “EXPERTS” (as I always say “Ha Ha” to so called ones as THAT IS A JOKE. I NEVER YET MET “a true Expert” in anything) Are SO BIASED & SLANTED with THEIR THOUGHTS & ACTIONS that they COMPLETELY MISS THE MARK ALMOST ALWAYS !!!!

Wrong – Wrong -Wrong They Are !!!!


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