ANOTHER (Law Breaking) University stops students from handing out Constitution

ANOTHER university stops students from handing out Constitution | The Daily Caller.

ANOTHER university stops students from handing out Constitution | The Daily Caller

———-and YOU and / or Your Dads, Brothers, Sisters, moms, CHILDREN, neighbors and Friends ACTUALLY VOLUNTEERED & FOUGHT  ??????????????FOR “Your Government, Your LEADERS, Managers, CONTROLLERS, “Your Handlers”

—- ALL the While; Your “Leaders” BREAK the LAW (you fought for), AND CONTINUE to IGNORE “the people, the rights, the LAWS, the Morals, The ETHICS that so many DIE (d) for ——

YES, Your LEADERS STOP YOU from Speaking Of, or Handing Out Copies of THE LAWS OF THE LAND; The Constitution Itself !!!!!!   (That is AGAINST THE LAWS But NO ONE SCREAMS nor does anything to CRUCIFY The CRIMINALS WHO Break The Laws that Are (supposedly) SO “DEAR” to YOUR HEARTS !!!

THESE “Leaders” (CONTROLLERS) ALL LAUGH AT YOU as YOU just “Blindly Follow” while They FURTHER Condition YOU to “Just Do, As You Do, : As THEY TELL YOU TO” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November !!!!!!

(As Georgy Boy Bush, the former president said: “If You are NOT FOR ME; You Are AGAINST ME”     —— I say  the SAME: If YOU KEEP FOLLOWING & “Doing THEIR BIDDING”, Then YOU DESECRATE The CONSTITUTION & EVERYTHING that YOU “claim to be AS AMERICAN”. YOU are Both a HYPOCRITE, & A CRIMINAL TOO as YOU “Assist & ENABLE CRIMES TO BE COMMITTED” !!!!!!!!


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