US House plans to ‘sue’ Obama over executive authority

BBC News – US House plans to ‘sue’ Obama over executive authority.

BBC News - US House plans to 'sue' Obama over executive authority

hmmm, lets see: Congress is saying the President is NOT doing his LEGAL JOB of carrying out the laws legally written.

–So “they” (Congress) might “SUE Obama” !!!!!

Hmmm, Law Suits take MANY YEARS BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN HEARD Frequently. Won’t he be “Long Gone” by that time ????

Also; Haven’t they ever heard of the WORD and VERY LEGAL and Already “used” thing called “Impeachment” ??????????

hmmm, they have “Laws”/ methods / Policies and Procedures ALREADY BUT THEY FAIL TO USE THEM ?????????


OFTEN , the Courts Also FAIL to “Do Their Jobs” too !!!!!  Everyone is a GREAT “TAKER” & “Finger=Pointer” BUT No one Is Capable of “DOING & ACTING Positively or Justly!

——- MY WISH and DEMAND is ALL CONGRESS(Legislative) , Executive & Judicial Electees, Appointees, Employed PERIOD: All IMMEDIATELY RESIGN, LEAVE, QUIT, and / or whatever it takes to DISBAND “what is and has been present”,  As NONE in the system or the system itself FUNCTIONS Logically, Fiscally Responsibly, Morally, Ethically or for The Good Of The People of this Nation!

Hence, All should be Torn Down and all “kept, and paid for”, both former and present, should be ENDED. They have and continue to (especially while retired, as “they TAKE HUGE $$$ and Resources, yet Add NOTHING) Further BANKRUPT us all and the Generations to come!


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