New York Attorney General accuses Barclays of ‘dark pool’ fraud

New York Attorney General accuses Barclays of ‘dark pool’ fraud –


New York Attorney General accuses Barclays of 'dark pool' fraud -

Hmmmmmm- as ALWAYS “Leaders” Have NO IDEA About TRUE ISSUES & PROBLEMS so they Put Their Resources in the WRONG DIRECTION to “Fix Things”!!!!!

1st; Certainly there may be some one like Barclays doing some underhanded things that in a perfect world should not be.

BUT if the N.Y. State Attorney General Had TRUE KNOWLEDGE (or “really even cared about MORE than getting media coverage”) he would be WORKING to Investigate & Use Current LAWS to ARREST many 1000s of “WALL STREET Types” who are COSTING the Little Guy/the Honest Citizen and society $100s of TRILLIONS with Their INSIDER TRADING !!!!!!!

Trading on information received that is not made public or is GIVEN To “the few” BEFORE it is “given out to the masses” or released to the media to disseminate to the public, IS TOTALLY CRIMINAL —- YET done with NO FEAR, EACH & EVERY DAY By These HIGH ROLLERS who TAKE/STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!! —- They Are The PROBLEM !!!!!! They Are The CROOKS !!!!!

—– Remember a few years ago (2004) when Martha Stewart was CONVICTED of Doing That (INSIDER TRADING) & She ACTUALLY SPENT TIME In PRISON !!!!! She spend 5 months in prison and 5 months in “Home Confinement”, the MINIMUM TIME for the CRIME!

NOW, NO ONE IS EVEN INVESTIGATED for Insider Trading as it is TOTALLY ACCEPTED (AND EXPECTED) as a “way of life” and “normal part of being involved in the business”! That is “No One of Consequence” as OUTSIDERS still “make the news” as THAT KEEPS “the public eyes OUTSIDE Wall Streeters” & “gives the illusion that YOUR Government IS Doing Their Jobs FOR YOUR PROTECTION” & Brings Them (in this case, NY State Attorney General) “GREAT PRESS” and Rises Him To The TOP as “Protector and DO-GOODER of MANKIND” —- Hell NY State got a Governor a few years ago who “WAS MADE” BECAUSE of THE SAME “Attack The Bad Guy BRAVADO” but he was found to be another SCUMBAG Adulterer and USER of PUBLIC FUNDS & Trust as all of them are !!! Spitzer was his name (in this case, but it matters NOT as they all are the same; only the details change! — You might wonder “How I Know So Much”?????? Well at 1 TIME, I WAS THERE!!! I SAW and I must admit I Did Some “Not  So Nice Things” Too when I TOO “Thought I Was A GOD, who Was HIGH ABOVE ALL OTHERS and for a brief while BELIEVED “this to be” !!!!! Thankfully for ME, My GOOD UPBRINGING SAVED ME and Brought Me BACK TO “HUMANITY & REASON & RIGHT & CARING & SHARING” But I was/AM “1 in a million”! THE REST STAYED & MANY MORE Beat At The Gates “To BE THERE EVERYDAY” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes; The Rich & Powerful can LITERALLY DO ANYTHING and it is NOT ONLY Over-Looked But is OBVIOUSLY CONDONED By Those Who Are In Charge & Have Authority to ENFORCE the Laws of The Land!

The S.E.C. (Securities Exchange Commission) IGNORES IT. And as this attached news article states: NY State Attorney General Also IGNORES IT !!!!!

Add CONGRESS to “IGNORING IT” (Hell: They Commit That CRIME TOO). —Just a week or so ago CONGRESS had a Hearing Attacking “High Frequency Traders” accusing them of “Committing Crimes and of BEING “The Problem in the Financial World” WHILE THEY TOTALLY IGNORE the REAL CRIMES That RAVAGE EVERYONE’S POCKETS TAKING $100s of BILLIONS and over time $ TRILLIONS AWAY FROM You And Me !!!!!

—— Oh, But INSTEAD “We” (Congress, SEC, Attorney General, “The Media”, & MANY people, “common or not” WORSHIP and ASS KISS THESE CRIMINALS That Are RAPING The WORLD in So Many Ways OPENLY !!!!!!!! – Hell You And The Above Mentioned “WANT TO BE THEM” and would “SELL YOUR SOUL” To JOIN THEM Sadly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Wonder It Just GROWS BIGGER, MORE BLATANTLY and Gets No Attention from “Law Enforcement” other than ADORATION !!!!! Hell, it is These ELITE That GIVE HUGE “Donations” to Politicians and “Causes to FIGHT Corruption” (that only LOOKS in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTION than “at insider trading CRIME”).

The 3 MONKEYS Have It: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” !!!!! And So It GOES as FALLS MANKIND into eventual extinction! —-Oh it Will Come As NOTHING BAD, EVIL & So DIVISIVE Can Continue As EVENTUALLY “once everything is taken (stolen), then All The Players, All the Abused, All the “Institutions” &  Have Nothing “to Function For”; Hence All Falls Down!

“the water quits flowing; so stops the hearts and bodies of all living things”!


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