89 WLS – Hillary Clinton: All University Speaking Fees Donated to Family’s Foundation [From ABC News]

89 WLS – Hillary Clinton: All University Speaking Fees Donated to Family’s Foundation [From ABC News].

89 WLS - Hillary Clinton: All University Speaking Fees Donated to Family's Foundation [From ABC News]

Bet few of you know HOW “Foundations” are Set Up & How They Operate !!!!!!!!!!!

Most “Think” that “FOUNDATIONS” are “GOOD, CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS “to Do GOOD for OTHERS” !!!!!  ———– HA HA ; Think Again!!!

MOST FOUNDATIONS are SET UP To Protect The RICH/POWERFUL Peoples’ $$$$$ !!!!!!

—-The Foundation is SET UP to “Hide” and Protect from TAXES and “prying eyes” of society and “the little people”!

—- Foundations PAY OUT HUGE SUMS To Those That SET IT UP and THEIR HEIRS for Decades & Centuries !!!!

—- Foundations PAY OUT “Living Expenses, SALARIES, AND “make it so NO MONEY WHAT-So-Ever NEEDS BE SPENT on ANYTHING by that person, that family, “those benefactors” !!!

In OTHER WORDS: Hillary, BILLY Boy, Their Daughter, etc. HAVE FULL ACCESS to AL THE MONEY they have Screwed “The Little Guy” out of over the years!

HMMMM, Wouldn’t YOU LOVE to NEVER Have To OPEN Your Wallet, EVER AGAIN to pay for the groceries, the cars, the planes, the yachts, the Parties, the Clothing, the Jewelry, the “ARTS” (paintings, sculptures, etc.).

Hmmm, As McDonald’s Ads Proclaim “Have It Your Way” !!!!! — Yep, Hillary’s FOUNDATION HIDES & PROTECTS Yet SHE NEVER has to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Nor In This Case; All The MONEY GIVEN HER that is REQUESTED and RIGHTFULLY MUST BE RETURNED to Those Asking for a Full REFUND; Will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN !!!!


“The ELITE” Just USE, and USE, and USE All OTHERS For SELF!!!!! They Not Only “Use The SYSTEMS to THEIR BENEFIT and Their Benefit ONLY, They Are The ONES WHO “Make Such Laws, RULES, Regulations, Rulings —- ALL PROTECTING FURTHER The DAMN ELITE that All Should Be HUNG across the country (and world) in Public Squares for ALL To SEE !!!!!!

——Yep That is What “LEADERS” Do = They TAKE & KEEP & TAKE Some More !!!! Their Boldness GROWS as in their MENTAL STATES of Mind: THEY DESERVE IT ALL & THEN SOME !!!!

—- Oh, you FOOLS that Have No Idea How ANYTHING Really Works Are Fodder For Their Fires !!!!!


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