Scientists: Global Warming Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice |

Scientists: Global Warming Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice | The Daily Caller.

Of course “the Masses” & the so-called Conservative will LAUGH and yell: “See that PROVES there is NO Global Warming. Impossible for more ice in South Pole if the Earth Was Getting Warmer”.

Yep I have seen LOT’s of published works by “GENIUSES” that “think” (an oxymoron) THEY “know it all” and MANY of these guys “Are EXPERTS” (another HA HA, Joke).

—- If people could “Connect More Than Their lips to a JOINT or PILL or SMOKE”, they just might study Ocean Currents to See How Important The Currents Are To “The EARTH WORKING to Keep Us Alive !!

Warming Creates “NO FLOW EFFECT” and that KILLS All as We Know It !

Yep , so Keep Your “one sentence thoughts” (you know; the 140 character Depth of Knowledge you have FULL “Command of” — Ha Ha – I am Too Funny). AND Keep In Step With Ignorance!

Do your own studies too! Trust NO ONE ! Listen and LEARN: NOT from what you read or Have Been Told, but Your Head Will Tell You So Much; That Is ONCE IT IS OPENED !!!!!!

—- Ah yes, Sadly Global Warming is likely too Far Advanced For Us To REPAIR, BUT still possible to slow its coming and make changes that, though harsh for everyone, Let Us Live!

I am far beyond “Needing Anything” , or wishing others to HELP, as “Never Will I Be Less than Today with  EACH DAY building upon the last and AMAZING ADVANCES I make that allow me to always SMILE , maybe or “especially” at the folly of man!

I am one with the universe; and it one with me !!!! No past, present or future to ponder AS They ALL ARE One & The Same! As I am Matter & Energy of which neither can be created or destroyed; I LIVE FOREVER and move freely in form and function!

Join me, if you can!  ———– Yes, AMAZING !!!

Scientists: Global Warming Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice | The Daily Caller


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