Target security officer fired after reporting shoplifting COP.

Target security officer fired after reporting shoplifting – The Washington Post.

Target security officer fired after reporting shoplifting - The Washington Post

Hmmmm, No wonder Target flounders:

1st they are So SLOPPY with YOUR Personal/Financial INFORMATION , hence Little or NO Security for YOU or Your “Stuff” —–

BUT When one of their Employees Does His JOB of STOPPING CRIME, THAT GREAT EMPLOYEE IS FIRED (using some “technicality” in their “procedures”!   BTW: This THIEVERY COSTS YOU & ME $$$$ as Honest people PAY much more to make up the difference for Target’s Losses!

COPS AS THIEVES —- SHOULD BE “Front Page News” and MADE An Example Of” RATHER THAN “Hidden” (or “forgotten and NOT Charged or Prosecuted). hmmm; Does Target GIVE COPS Whatever for Free? Must Be !

If TARGET “Executives” & Leaders HIDE CRIME, then THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TOO as Aiding Criminals & Their Crimes !

—— All this Refreshes MY MEMORIES (personal & professional Experience ) WHERE BANKS & Other Financial Institutions NEVER PROSECUTE Their Employees That STEAL from Them or The Customers. —- They “just ask THOSE CRIMINALS To LEAVE”!!!   —- Yes, No Reports! No “Bad Employee Review” or “Evaluations” or ANY RECORD “that is Negative About THAT PERSON” !!!!!

WHY ??????   ——- REASON:::::: The BANKS (companies) DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT Your Money Is NOT SAFE As THEY HAVE Thieves In Their Employ!

—- So What Does THAT CRIMINAL EMPLOYEE Do? As They Have NO “Negatives Recorded Anywhere”; THEY Then Go ONTO The NEXT BANK/Company & Do The SAME !!!!!!!!!

—– If You “Think THIS IS RARE” & “hardly ever happens”; You Are SO WRONG !!!!! IT IS VERY COMMON !!!!!

IMAGINE if ANYONE in CHARGE of ANYTHING Had Any Balls or DID The “Right Thing”: ANY & ALL THIEVES Would Be Reported; Charged: Arrested & PROSECUTED and RECEIVE MUCH MEDIA REPORTING For ALL To KNOW About THE SCUM !!!!!!

HELL, in this country CRIME IS Not Only PERMITTED: It Is ENCOURAGED & REWARDED !!!!!

—————–When I was a very young/new NY State Trooper; I was introduced to a group of Saudi Arabians that were HERE (where I worked/lived) STUDYING “America’s Modern Criminal Justice System”. I Recall like it was yesterday, many of them being amazed and commenting ‘How Wonderful Our System Was Dealing With Crime”! At that time, I did NOT Realize How THEIR SYSTEM WORKED Until my time spent with them.

As many of you know; in Those Countries (many even today) When Someone STEALS ANYTHING (be it the CEO or Accountant “rigging the books” and TAKING $$$ for Self OR A SHOP-LIFTER in a store); The THIEF IN A PUBLIC SQUARE or Coliseum with 100,000 people there watching; THEY WOULD CHOP OFF THE RIGHT HAND of THE THIEF !!!!!!

Instant JUSTICE , Ever-lasting! AND EVERYONE Forever-after KNEW INSTANTLY When They Saw That Person, He/She Was A THIEF !!!!

Do You KNOW How MANY THIEVES They HAD Then (or even have today)? ANSWER is VERY FEW !!!!!

ASK ANY Soldier you run into If ANYTHING LEFT out where ANYONE Could SIMPLY WALK AWAY TAKING Gear, equipment, “goods”, supplies, etc. that often had VALUES in the $100,000s or even $1 millions was EVER TOUCHED —– Their Answer to You Will BE “NOTHING WAS EVER TAKEN THEIR in THESE COUNTRIES ” !!!!!


Having CONSEQUENCES For BAD ACTIONS TAUGHT & CREATED ONLY POSITIVE PEOPLES !!!!! Their Societies “were NOT a Joke”, Like Our Society where CRIME PAYS HUGE! — The BIGGER THE CRIME/THEFT; the MORE “We” (not me) IDOLIZES and WANTS To BE That Person; especially when THE CROOK WEARS a $10,000 Suit, Drives a $250,000 sports car, has a $500,000+ Yacht, and “speaks SMOOTHLY, with his/her WHITENED TEETH, Glitzy Jewelry & “Sexy Spouse” or “Mate” Besides Them!


Yep, You All Make Me SICK !!!!! Shallow with NO BRAINS in your heads or Anything BUT EMPTINESS WITHIN YOUR SOUL !

Bahhhh BAHHHH, Black Sheep; Have You Any Wool ”  —– A Nursery Rhyme From Kindergarten !

SHAME on TARGET (Hung The Executives) & SHAME ON ALL SOCIETY Here !!!!!! (No “God” you have, nor no matter how much you pray to them for forgiveness Will Keep You From “The HELL” You SOOOOOO FEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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