Dan & Karen Blecha’s Morning Family – 4 point deer & friend; 10 wild turkeys, a hawk, turtle & more – 7 AM

Oh what a Beautiful Morning; Oh what a Beautiful Day …..

7 AM and What do you see (No, Not a shiny red sleigh & 8 tiny reindeer) BUT you do see A Buck (4 points) & Doe & 10 Turkeys in our yard and woods. As I publish this , there are the 10 turkeys back again. They just made their rounds circling the house, checking everything out – 4th time today!

Did you see the Buck going “poop” while the Doe takes a “pee”.

Darn, Less than 15 minutes after I shot this video, “our” large Hawk hung out in the back yard with something I could not tell. The dogs just watched outside. AND “our” turtle came out to play at the same time. Actually “she” is a Gopher Tortuous though. We KNOW “she” is a girl! Frequently SHE has MALE “suitors”! So FUNNY To WATCH them “march on up to her, Do  their DANCE (for a very long time and sometimes several times where they shake their heads, “do leg squats”, and “move it all around” HOPING “our girl” will BE IMPRESSED!

—– IF she IS, she THEN TURNS Her Back To Them and allows them to well, em, mount her from behind. That is FUNNY to watch also!

When “finished”, she turns back around and heads to her home WHILE He Marches Away to where he came!

Pileated Wood-Peckers Are So COMMON most days. “Woody Wood Pecker” AND ALL HIS Brothers Live Here Too!

Oh, our Owls; Once so everyday hanging out, now we hear them “hooting” most days and nights but rarely see them.

BTW: some days up to 21 turkeys are here, 6-8 deer all hanging out, and who knows what else.

Did  you say “NATURE ROCKS” !!!!!!

—– YES     “Oh What A Beautiful Morning. Oh What A Beautiful Day”        ————–



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