MUST SEE (to CHANGE YOUR WORLD): Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage)

(Rare!) Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage) – YouTube.

(Rare!) Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage) - YouTube

PLEASE take 2 minutes to watch this:


THEN THINK for Another 2 Minutes about All The Starving, the Tortured, the Enslaved, the Raped.

Another 2 Minutes of all  the INEQUITIES: the Rich , the Poor, the middle : How Different they are in LIFESTYLE & OWNERSHIP (ONLY) and HOW They ALL are THE SAME: Smarts, Brains, Genius, Creativity ——- With “difference Being THE 99% just NEVER HAD THE CHANCE to Let It All BLOSSOM. —– (I KNOW THIS as I Know Many “rich, famous, powerful, “top dogs” both in government and private corporations, divas, artists, singers, actors, etc. and  THEY are NO “Smarter”, More Talented, Wiser, More Caring, More “ABLE”, etc. THAN SO MANY “AVERAGE” People I Know !!!!!!!    —- They Just “were born in the right place” or SADLY were MORE POSSESSED by THEIR WEAKNESSES to GAIN “the power, fame, money, etc. AS THEIR INNER SELVES Were / ARE WEAK and “NEEDY” of “OTHERS TELLING THEM How Great They Are”, They NEED to “show off” as INSIDE of them Is “MUSH”, is Emptiness, is Their OWN “Knowing That They are REALLY NOTHING” so Rather than FIX or BUILD from WITHIN, they “MAKE PRETTY, POWERFUL and LOUD” their Selves to OTHERS Instead!

Yes, THINK THIS: “the ruler who crushes all opposition” must actually FEAR the others FAR MORE than “any sense of CONFIDENCE in what they do”!!!!!!!!!!!! FEAR , FEAR FEAR!!!!!

Now, another 2 minutes: think of ALL the HATE in the world; the Horror; the Killing, the War;    ——- NOW THINK “WHY” ?????????????

Does “the average” person NEED to FIGHT or KILL or STEAL or ENSLAVE or CONQUER or OVERPOWER, or CRAVE FAME, or CRAVE HUGE HOUSES, Properties, or OWN ALL COMPANIES, or OWN ALL RESOURCES, or OWN ALL Animals and Plants and “Mother Earth”???????? Does “The Average” Person WANT TO BE THE VOICE for ALL To RALLY, to “RAISE $100s of MILLIONS for YOU (the average person) To Get ELECTED, to GAIN AUTHORITY over others? Does “the average” person NEED to “kill off all who DO NOT “worship YOUR God”? or Have the SAME Traditions? or wear the same clothes, or eat the same foods??????????

WELL THEN —– THINK just 2 More Minutes —– WHY DO YOU FOLLOW, “worship”, “Join”, Organize, or EVEN “CALL YOURSELF a member of …..” (Examples include but are not limited to : “I am a conservative, or liberal, or jew, or christian or hindu, or muslim, or american, or african or white or black or asian or “doctor” or “esquire” or “sir” or “king” or “mr. president” or “mr. mayor”, or lord, or even “sir” as to “the boss” or other “higher up”, or “superintendent” or “head of family” or “head of …” or “all star” or ……………………………

Yes, WHY do You Consider Yourself ANYTHING OTHER than “Just Another Living Entity In The Never Ending Universe” PERIOD !!!!!! —— Why do YOU want (NEED) to “worship” ANY OTHER or ANYTHING ELSE or “NEED Something/Someone MADE UP Imagined, or other “TO HELP YOU”; “to Guide You”, to “DO FOR YOU”?  When in Fact YOU are NO BETTER or NO WORSE than ANY OTHER or ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!

Why – Why – Why ???????????

Do YOU Have Such a FEAR “Of Living” that you Really Do NOT Want To Be ALIVE????????

Do You ACTUALLY HATE YOURSELF so MUCH that YOU DROP DOWN to Such LO LEVELS as “THOSE THAT NEED : the power, the control, the fame, the ….”?

Do YOU THINK that “Having The POWER, FAME, MONEY, etc. Will MAKE YOU  Actually LIKE YOURSELF Any Better????????     ——– SADLY ::::: It Will NOT Help YOU in ANY WAY !!!!!!! —– Just Like A CANCER: ALL THAT Just Makes You WEAKER, MORE NEEDY, More EMPTY, MORE UNHAPPY, MORE HATEFUL & RESENTFUL & CRAVING to LEAVE REALITY Even More !!!!!!

———THINK 1 More Minute ——-

HOW WONDERFUL YOU Will Be, Will Feel, “ARE” Once You DARE to Release Yourself FROM ALL “things you now “do”, “believe”, “follow”, “join”, etc.

IMAGINE Truly “BEING One With The Universe & It One With YOU” —- Imagine FREE as “one” YET “TOGETHER As ALL, FOREVER” !!!!!!!!!!

No Death, No “Dying”, No Hate, No Envy, No FEAR, No Shame ——- JUST TOTAL JOY; HAPPINESS, ENERGY, Creativity, Enthusiasm, “Childlike WONDER of ALL THINGS”, “Learning SUCKED INTO YOUR INNER BEING Effortlessly & With No End EVER !!!!!!

LOVE — CARING- —– SHARING —- GIVING ——- JOY —— CONTENTMENT —– HAPPINESS —— “Zest for LIFE” ——- “PEACE” (both inner and outer) ——–

NOW THAT IS “GODLINESS” if there is such a word & THAT IS WHAT YOU GAIN FOREVER By “simply letting go of WHAT WAS, What You Were, What You Thought, What CONTROLLED & STOPPED YOU From HAVING IT ALL”

—– AND :::::: “Think” one last time: “EVERY TIME YOU DRIFT BACK to The OLD YOU: THINK of HELEN KELLER & ANNIE SULLIVAN and The POWER of “NEVER ASSUMING; NEVER “Just Going Along With WHAT IS, WHAT IS THOUGHT (by others) or What Has ALWAYS BEEN (ALL “what is/was/has been” IS WRONG & STAYING with THOSE WAYS IS EVIL and HARMFUL Forever & For EVERYONE !!!!!

YES: THINK “FREE” & You WILL ALWAYS BE “Far More Than Just Free” — You Will Be Amazing & There will Be NO PROBLEMS With NO Solutions Ever Again!!!!!

You Will Realize “The Masses Are Asses” and You NOW Forever LEFT THEM as You FREED YOURSELF !!!!!!!!   —— NOW “Your AURA & ENERGY Will SHINE To LIGHT The WORLD and OTHERS Will “Feel Your GAIN” & Gradually JOIN YOU To GAIN THEIR “FREEDOM” Too !!!!!!!!!!

BECOME:::::::::::::::::: WHAT  John Lennon HOPED  As I DO (and We Both FOUND)  & He Wrote This SONG:


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

ONE WORD of CAUTION: You Can NEVER HAVE ANY OF THIS By “picking and choosing” or “doing ONLY Some of It” ::::: You MUST “Do” ALL OF IT otherwise you have NOTHING !!!!!! (think “life is a PIE: All the proper ingredients must be a part with the proper amounts, mixing time and method correct, baked at proper temperature, for proper time, then taken out and needed time to rest it before it can be consumed. WITHOUT ALL “The Ingredients & Methods” THAT WONDERFUL PIE (of Life) Will “TASTE LIKE CRAP”!!!!!!! Hell, It MIGHT BE POISONOUS & DEADLY even !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SADLY “that is WHAT MOST PEOPLE HAVE Their WHOLE LIFE: A ROTTEN PIE (of Life) as THEY “picked only some ingredients and /or did SOME METHODS poorly or EVEN TOTALLY the opposite !!!!!!!!!!!

Take away ALL These UN-NEEDED & “Messed Up” Ingredients and EVER AFTER WONDERMENT & JOY. Keep Them in “The Mix” and LOUSY & Hurtful & DEADLY & Unhappy PIE):::::  Below I list John Lennon’s List of “BAD THINGS” that I agree (Funny But “the moment I Threw them ALL AWAY, MY FREEDOM GREAT IMMENSE -Yours Will Too):

The List: “heaven, hell, no countries, nothing to live or die for, the religion, no possessions, no greed, no hunger.

RESULTS (overnight that would occur): PEACE, A Brotherhood of Man, SHARING, The World “AS ONE” !!!!!!!!!

———–PS: THINK WHY All THESE Words. “things”, religions, and … “WERE INVENTED”:::::: ALL BY THOSE (WEAK) WHO WANTED YOU TO “JOIN THEM” (out of THEIR “need” & weaknesses and FEAR) AND “TALKED YOU” & YOUR ANCESTORS Into “Blindly FOLLOWING”, “BELIEVING” & “Doing” WHAT THEY SAY !!!!!!!!!! Yes, Books are WRITTEN By MAN and Those Who CONTROL, Write The Books (or have those THEY CONTROL “write them). History is “WRITTEN ONLY BY THE CONQUEROR” and “The WINNER” is NEVER “the meekest or mildest or MOST CARING”; The WINNER IS THE MOST VISCOUS, CRUEL, Most AGGRESSIVE, And The One WHO OVERTAKES ALL OTHERS!  —- and YOU “Follow His/their WORDS”??????????????? —– WOW !!!!!!!!! (How many of these people/rulers/leaders, etc. EVER, have or do “live in small shacks”, eat and live of “beans and rice”, drive around in the most modest vehicles, wear the simplest clothes, wear no jewelry or would never waste resources on body art, body enhancements, fancy parties, NOR “OWN or CONTROL almost nothing, “Have No Aides, NANNIES (they raise their own kids instead), “makeup artists”, or INVITE YOU INTO Their homes, lives ANYTIME, and ALWAYS available to you and GIVE YOU and ALL AROUND FAR MORE Than They Ever Have or WANT ???????????

HMMMMMM- Strange that YOU (and YOUR ANCESTORS) “worship, follow, fight and die for, and “sing their praises” EXACTLY THOSE TYPES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

——- the Popes, as ALL “the religious Heads”,  the Kings, The Presidents, the Actors, the CEOs, the Congressmen, the Superintendents, the Directors, the “chiefs”; hell be it “capitalism”, or “communism” or “republic” or “democracy” or other — The FACTS are THAT ALL THE “LEADERS” past and present LIVE IMMENSELY BETTER Than The Common Man They “SERVE” HA HA — BIG JOKES  “SERVE” !!!!!!!!!!    ——- & YOU STILL FOLLOW & “BELIEVE” Their Words, their books, their “fads & fashion” ?????????

THESE (WEAK) “RULERS”/CONTROLLERS Have “TRAINED YOU (and your ancestors) VERY WELL Indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   —- And “You Thought You WERE SMART & WISE & FREE & GOOD & JUST” ?????????????????????????????

—— Helen Keller Shows You ANYTHING Is POSSIBLE! Though She Was TOTALLY BLIND, DEAF —– She “HEARD, felt, SAW, Knew, Discovered, CREATED Far MORE Than YOU (before YOUR TRANSFORMATION)” .

With All “The EXCUSES in the WORLD; Helen Keller (and Annie Sullivan) CONQUERED ALL        ——- Now “What Are YOU GOING TO DO” With “No (actual or REAL) EXCUSES” !!!!!!!!!!!!

——John Lennon Sings to You Of THE BAD LIST ( and gives you “the good list”) & I have for MANY DECADES Further HELPED, Guided, TRIED & EVOLVED for ME & YOU & ALL FOREVER to EMPOWER & FREE YOU

—— “You CAN” (DO/ BECOME)  — or “YOU STAY” (the Problem & SICKNESS of MAN)




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