A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer

A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer.

(Not such a nice guy after all ———— Too bad he was allowed to live this long by the neighborhood he Caused to Live in Fear)

(Yep After listening to the video of the EYE WITNESS (obviously a Black Man), Brown CAUSED his Own Death With Aggressive Actions !

Hmmm, sounding more and more like Trevon Martin issues all over again BUT even MORE AGGRESSIVE.

Strange isn’t it that BOTH these 2 guys shot WERE “TROUBLE MAKERS !!!!! HMMMMM

Yep, reap an earlier post: The Neighborhood “Society” should have Been Empowered To TAKE CARE of GETTING RID of these kind of people, for the community NOT to BE “A Bad One”, or considered a Dangerous One. The community should consist only of GOOD PEOPLE and Good people are VALUED and treated as such both by cops, the store owners, businesses in general, and all period!

Yep —- RIOT OVER “BAD ASSES” & THE CANCERS of SOCIETY is What These People Do. MAKE your Community BETTER: TAKE CONTROL.  Throw Out The LAWS as they stand and LET EACH COMMUNITY Do WHATEVER They WISH To RID Themselves Of The SCUM.

Here: Brown Should have been “Taken Out” (shot him, hang him, whatever it takes) By The Citizens Who LIVE In That AREA! They Should Be EMPOWERED TO Make Their OWN Area a GREAT One To Live; NOT have to live in fear of BRUTAL ROBBERS as Thomas Showed Himself To Be !!!!!!

Give “The Little Old Lady” a Gun & ENCOURAGE HER to USE It On ANY SCUM She Encounters! Let the weak and mild RULE Instead of The BIG, POWERFUL, BRUTAL & CRUEL TAKERS !!!!   (hmmm,Sounds like we all should CLEAN UP on All Our Leaders in the same way doesn’t it — GRIN ——–). The Weak & Meek & Mild Shall Be Empowered To CONTROL THEIR OWN Destinies & Lives; Not have to shutter in fear of “Boyz in the Hood” or “Rednecks on the roads”.


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