TRUE Good People NEVER “Just Accept You AS YOU ARE” !!!! THEY PUSH YOU FORWARD, Not “Back” or “SAME”.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749 – 1832) Wrote This Quote: “If I accept you as you are, I Make You Worse;!

however if I Treat You as though You Are What You Are Capable Of Becoming, I Help You Become That”.

(The Picture BELOW Shows CRAPPY “FRIENDS” & Crappy PEOPLE” — ALL “Joining” (BAD) Rather Than “MAKING BETTER”! ——-Are You “That Friend” and / or Are “Your Friends Like These FRIENDS” ???????? “RUN Away Society”).


I Always thought that and MORE: As I am so Open with NO “Defenses” (fences) around me “Keeping Out Stimuli”, I literally & Figuratively “Sense & Feel & Understand” EVERY THING “In a person” BOTH good and bad and fear and joy and INTELLECT also, I “SEE” the VAST (Potential) Abilities and Resources that No One Else “SEES”, Knows, Understands because of All Other’s “FENCES” that Keep EVERYTHING, good or bad or other OUT”.

“KNOWING” / SEEING the VAST “GREATNESS IN ALL” ; Far Beyond even what that person himself or herself “sees”: CAUSES ME TO “TRY TO UNLOCK Each PERSON’s AMAZINGNESS”!!!! 

“Friendship” is NOT “Being Visited At The Prison You Are A Citizen Of” ; OR “Accepted as just another A LOST CAUSE” !!!

Yep, I “put in the KEY to The Prison Cell Everyone Places Themselves In and I twist it and turn it and try another key and other ways to PUSH HARD To FREE Each and everyone from “society’s Imprisonment of that person” & “that person’s OWN Willing or USUALLY CONDITIONED “just ACCEPTING as that is the way it is and that is the way I am” !!!!

YES, I Even PULL HARD to Get You & EVERYONE OUT Of Their JAIL !!!!!

—– I find it Not Only “Strange” BUT Actually EVIL that Everyone RUNS Away From “FREEDOM & GREATNESS” Towards “EXCUSES & CRUTCHES” placed both by mom, dad, the systems, society, traditions, and expectations (LOWER THAN LOW about ANYTHING of True VALUE — $$$ or “power” or “fame” Are NOT ANYTHING To REJOICE ABOUT or is Any True Gauge of GREATNESS or WORTH or VALUE ). 

Yes — “Friends”(ha ha – not really anything about friends or friendship) GATHER & “work HARD to Help Each Other RUN FROM “FREEDOM” or Intelligience or “work” or GROWTH and Work To KEEP STATUS QUO; Keep The Same EXCUSES or INVENT New Excuses & Crutches AWAY From GOOD But LOVE To “Accept” Each Other,  their group, their organization, their team, their race, their religion, their co-workers, etc. THE SAME !!!!!!    ——

How Much “DIFFERENT” or “CHALLENGE” is Part of ANYTHING other than what I mentioned above ($$$, power, fame, “building something”, be it school, mosque, coliseum, restaurant, church, “power structure”, “system to OVERCOME OTHERS (hmm, war machines, missionaries to “CONVERT” when “conversion” is NOT ADDING to “Greatness of People or People’s Abilities ” or Become #1 in that business, that sport, that anything). 

FREEDOM, EMPOWERMENT, GREATNESS is where The Individual CAN & DOES NOT NEED ANYONE Or ANYTHING or Deity or “Hope, Pray, Beg, TAKE, GRAB, etc.: It Is INNER SELF Confidence to OVERCOME ALL FEARS & DOUBTS & VERY IMPORTANTLY To THROW OUT Everything that “makes one” (they THINK, Wrongly) like “that job, that group membership, that money, that resource, that “beliefs that were HANDED DOWN to ME” and “just Accept OTHERS Before You or AROUND YOU with “their knowledge or understanding” To Do Your OWN THINKING, Studies ,Tests, Experiments, LIVING, LOVING, Drawing of Conclusions, ‘Getting your own answers”, Building your OWN “muscles” be they of body, mind or soul” as In REALITY; they ALL ARE One of The Same” !!!!

HELL — “Read The Book & BELIEVE What OTHERS Thought  & Do” ?????? What The Hell ::::::: “WRITE YOUR OWN BOOKS (literally if you want, BUT I  mean AT LEAST “By LIVING LIFE With No INPUT, Direction, Prodding or CONDITIONING or BRAINWASHING From Others , before, now or future !!!!

Freedom , Empowerment and GREATNESS Is NOT “you  Following & Accepting” Anything!!!!! It Is YOU GOING FORTH , Throwing All CRUTCHES Away ; STOPPING All Your EXCUSE MAKING ; And  NOW (for the first time EVER in your life) THINKING Logically rather than “emotionally handcuffed by stupid ILLOGICAL, conditioned, “beliefs”! 

It is called “COMMON SENSE” But honestly There Is NONE I see at any time through the day in anything or anyone As EXCUSES , TRADITIONS & Conditioning has Literally TURNED OFF the Brains of the 99.999% !!!!

That is WHY I TRY TO “AWAKEN YOUR MIND, BODY & SOUL”. I HATE WASTE and Hate to See It All “WASTED”. Most are BORN, and “just stumble to FOLLOW & Obey and “not have any confrontation” or “pain” or hurt feelings as they RUN FROM anything BUT “JOIN OTHERS Who All Are At LEAST “just as weak and needy”. 

Yes, “Misery Loves Company” so people RUN From The Few TRUE GOOD PEOPLE in the world TOWARDS those that “Allow Bad To Only Grow Worse”. CANCERS are LOVED & PRAISED By “the Masses of People in the world as “At Least They KNOW IT & just like the little kid or spouse getting BEAT DAILY By the parent or Other Spouse: They “are Familiar with it; Expect It & Soon Become Comfortably With That SAD Situation as “THAT Is The WAY It IS” Hence; They ACCEPT IT !!!! 

 ——— And so the world goes and goes and goes    ——–

THROW AWAY ALL “you friends” who ARE NOT “any friend at all” and also actually “not like themselves either” BUT just like you RUN TOWARDS The FAMILIAR NO-Where-Man- Ways – Of- LIVING as “it always has been that way” !!!

I Do NOT Accept It! I Control It, myself and YOU (though You Have NO Idea of HOW I Do or the extent that I do, even though I Do Not Want to” !!!! —– 

I WANT To Set You FREE For YOU To AMAZE YOURSELF !!!! Any Great Friend, Good Person, Decent Mom or Dad or teacher or preacher or politician or doctor or soldier or other WANTS YOU to BECOME GREAT !!!!!

SAD BUT All These Mentioned Above ARE NOT “Good” As They WANT You To JOIN or Obey or Follow THE SAME as They” —- and as history shows; MANKIND has NEVER (yet sadly) Made Anything BETTER – just “shinier, bigger and more complex” BUT The Inner Self of ALL 99.9999% are NOT FREE, SMART, WISE, GOOD, Great, Empowered, Happy or Forever Energized and Forever Young As ALL COULD BE. I Am !!!!!!! You COULD BE Too !!!!

BUT YOU Must DARE To “Become Uncomfortable To THINK, SEE, HEAR, FEEL, to THEN Enable GREATNESS To EMERGE !!!!

FEAR Now RULES !!!!! FREEDOM & JOY COULD Just As EASILY If You DARE “journey from YOUR OWN Prisons” !!!

“See You On THE OUTSIDE” Soon I Hope !!!!! 

Yes, I AM “Your Friend & Your BEST KEY TO OPEN The Doors !!!! Just DARE !!!  Dare To Be FREE !




About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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