War against Isis: US strategy in tatters as militants march on – Comment – Voices – The Independent

War against Isis: US strategy in tatters as militants march on – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

NOTE :::: This is ISIL’s Plan of THEIR OWNERSHIP AREA!!!! One LARGE CHUNK of The World !!!!! This would SURPASS ANY “world Power in SIZE, population, and could EASILY BE The LARGEST ECONOMY/Financial “Might” in the World!

HMMMMMM —– Worried? You Better Be !!!

ISIS or ISIL (whatever) is WINNING !!!!!!!! They roll through areas CONQUERING even when USA is Bombing, with Britain, Germany, most of the Arab Nations, and many others ALL “United Against Them” —- Sounds like Hitler’s Germany in the few few years of it’s Invasions !!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT UNLIKE “Hitler or Germany” back then, ISIL  “operates” quite differently and does NOT Need much of anything to Inflict Vast “Pain” as it moves forth and GROWS it’s Legions of YOUNG PEOPLE (from all nations INCLUDING the USA, England, Germany and all it faces supposedly “united against them”.


SADLY The Worst is Yet To Come !!!!!!

Yes HATE of “The WEST” & WESTERN Conquering for DECADES Instilled a Will (and “Way”) that should have YOU ALL WORRIED Indeed!!!!!

America has NEVER (more or less, at least since War of 1812) Had “INVADERS” on our shores. ——We ALREADY HAVE ISIL DEVOTEES Here and They Grow both in numbers & in STRENGTH!

Yes, “WORRIED” is a good description of the HELL To COME !!!



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