US citizens created 10.6 million new jobs in months, steady economy | The Westside Story

US citizens created 10.6 million new jobs in months, steady economy | The Westside Story.

hmmmmm —EVERYTHING That The Government Does is “a FEEL GOOD for the Masses” action/press release; WHILE The TRUTH IS DEEPLY HIDDEN !!!!!

Yes, over 10 million “new jobs created” BUT WHAT IS “The REAL # of “New/Same Jobs”, as in “How many are REALLY WORKING, Especially WITH A LIVING WAGE” !!!!!!

Think::::::::::: The Real #s do NOT Calculate “THE LOST JOBS” that ENDED, nor do they DISCOUNT  the Jobs that Were WITH A Company That Was Bought By Another; So They Call the New OWNER”S Company Jobs “NEW JOBS” —– WHAT A JOKE !!!!

AND Add the fact that ALMOST ALWAYS, the NEW OWNER Takes AWAY “Money, Perks, Benefits and often GREATLY REDUCES The Take Home Pay the work force HAD with the “former owners”!!!!! ————Oh Boy!!!! I Bet The Work Force LOVES THAT = more work for less money and OFTEN HUGE LOSSES for RETIREMENT and HEALTHCARE.  —— BUT SADLY They Have Little or NO CHOICE But To EAT THE LOSSES !!!!!

hmmmmmmm —– What about all the companies that HAVE CLOSED or Greatly LIGHTENED Their Work Force ???????? —— Oh; That Doesn’t Count (nor matter to those that rule).

AND Even the Government ADMITS (read the article attached) that MANY of the “NEW JOBS” are “in retail” where Little or NO Benefits are given; often only part time and “UPWARD Movement is NEARLY Impossible !!!!!  —– Another “OH BOY” !!!!!!

——BYW; Did you hear that About 1/2 of ALL PRESENT JOBS will Become EXTINCT within the next 10 years !!!!! —– Oh Boy again !!!!!!!!! MANY “so-called SKILLED JOBS” will Be GONE Forever so in spite of “Expensive TRAINING and Time INVESTED; SORRY. NO JOB of that Kind NEEDED ANY LONGER! You are as Obsolete as THE BLACKSMITH for the masses! (there are many left but for most; “No Horses = No Blacksmithing  NEEDED”).

hmmmm; Didn’t I just read where LOWES is experimenting with ROBOTS to answer your questions and take you to where the material you want are located.  —– Oh “The Walmart Greeter” is SOON To DISAPPEAR , just as cashiers, “bank tellers” and many others.

AND “TEACHERS” — Don’t think for a moment YOUR JOBS ARE “SAFE”!!!! They Will SOON CHANGE FROM “Teacher” to “Teacher’s Aide” when you are actually LITERALLY “Only a Room Monitor” as all the class material will be delivered over the internet by 1 “TEACHER or maybe a few” that “TEACH” 1000 at a time !!!! ——- THAT IS FAST APPROACHING !!!!

SADLY from what I so often have seen; Maybe Getting Rid of Many of The Teachers is Good Thing as FAR TOO MANY “Are NOT TEACHERS; They are ONLY Regurgitators of information from books and other sources”. MANY HAVE NEVER “Taught” and Do NOT KNOW HOW !!!! Many RUIN Great Minds and Emotional Beings Turning them into “BAD”.   ——– (BTW; did you read or listen to what Michelle Obama Told a Large Group of Black Voters at Election Time last week? She ACTUALLY SAID ” After you go vote; go eat FRIED CHICKEN” !!!!!!!  —– And SHE is Black as you know & SHE Was “Educated” at Harvard and received the “Honor of Attorney At Law”!!!!!! ——– IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT  —- and It COST “Taxpayers MANY 100s of $1000s to “EDUCATE HER” !!!! Obama TOO COST US TAXPAYERS as MUCH and “His BRILLIANCE & GOODNESS & CAPABILITIES” Show All WASTED TOO !!!! Both of THEM Only “Got Educated” in “HOW TO RAISE MONEY & GET MONEY GIVEN TO THEM!!!! No “business sense”, or “responsibility, or “sense of community or care of others, or “financial LOGIC” or any other “skills or knowledge was gained. SOCIETY ALWAYS LOSES  — so “Teachers CANNOT TEACH” as they TOO have the same LACK – Of – Abilities That I Spoke of above !!! (It’s like “The Doctors and Nurses and other Healthcare personnel who SMOKE, Do DRUGS, EAT JUNK FOODS, or the “Cops & Emergency Personnel who SPEED, Do NOT Stop at Signs or Red Lights, Abuse Others, etc. or the FINANCIAL “Expert” who Has Little or NO Investments or savings and “doesn’t trade himself” BUT TELLS YOU “They KNOW and CAN DO GREAT THINGS FOR YOU”, etc.

YES — “JOBS”, Careers, Professions Are DISAPPEARING and That PACE of OBSOLESCENCE will ONLY INCREASE !!!!!!!

Heck, soon Your Next Job will Be ANSWERING TO A ROBOT (if you are “lucky enough” to have a job) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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