Stephen Hawking: Humans evolve slowly, AI could stomp us out – CNET

Stephen Hawking: Humans evolve slowly, AI could stomp us out – CNET.

Stephen called and after hearing MY WORDS, he AGREED: Easily, Artificial Intelligence COULD WIPE OUT ALL HUMANS to Extinction! (the same words I told YOU all LONG AGO). Recently Elon Musk also inquired about “the same thing” and agreed too !!!

And so could MANY OTHER Different Types of Events; Many “man-made” and Many NOT!

For the same reason that “technology” advances SO FAST, with Discovery/Learning doubling EVERYTHING “man ever knew previously” in far less than every 2 years, YET MAN ONLY “runs with “STUFF” and NOTHING TO Do With “the Inner Workings of WHAT MAKES LIFE VALUABLE & WORTHWHILE”. The LAST Thing of Importance would be “STUFF”, or shiny, or fancy, or “cool” or “neat” or “popular” BUT It Is THESE WORTHLESS things I just listed that “People Pay For” & Thus MAKE Other IDIOTS (that KNOW Little of NOTHING (of Value) BUT “Know How To Make Stupid Humans BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!!!!

The result is “Man Grows DUMBER” (Tons of Studies PROVE THIS), while “robots, and other artificial Intelligence GROWS more and more “CAPABLE of CONTROLLING ALL In The World” !!!!  —— And with THESE FACTS: Any “Smart Artificial Intelligent Device, Controller, System” Would QUICKLY Realize HOW “CANCER-LIKE” Mankind Is and DESTROY “man” ASAP. Just like ANY “Cancers”; They Must Be Destroyed ! LOGIC & “Good” would Determine Their Actions. —–

YES, Artificial Intelligent “Machines” Would DO THE RIGHT THING and RID the Earth of Humans, as they would ANY PLAGUE on earth !

“Man” has NOT EVOLVED To ANYTHING of VALUE; But Simply “BETTER AT CONQUERING, KILLING, DESTROYING Any Competitors” & “that is NOT “POSITIVE EVOLUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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