World War 3: U.S. Congress ‘Declares War’ On Vladimir Putin And Russia Over Ukraine, Claims Ron Paul

World War 3: U.S. Congress ‘Declares War’ On Vladimir Putin And Russia Over Ukraine, Claims Ron Paul.


THE WAR BEGINS   —- WW III with the USA Against RUSSIA!

And that is “Per CONGRESSIONAL DECREE”!!! (Read the attached article for “the exact words”).

Remember: NO ONE Has Ever DEFEATED RUSSIA on or near their homeland. Russia singlehandedly Withstood Hitler’s MASSIVE WAR MACHINE as America & “Looked On for Years” HOPING Russia Would Fall (BUT Weaken Hitler enough for “the West” to THEN “Win”).  They did that WITHOUT ANY Equal Technology, equipment, gear, training and TIME to Prepare.

NOW Russia Has MORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS and MANY With GREATER TECHNOLOGY than the USA, a MODERN NAVY, Air Force, Army and OTHER “Space Age & Abilities”.

Remember: RUSSIA & “RUSSIANS” Are Accustomed to GOING WITHOUT, “Doing MORE With LESS, “suffering & daring to Give Their Lives at any cost”.

America & Americans are NOT! Americans are soft and spoiled and Ignorance of REALITY and “like children told fairy tales that they believe to be true”! Congress is “just another group of (selfish) children with NO SENSE PERIOD (other than HOW TO “TAKE” for selves from others. They are “just a BAD/SAD Mirror Image of American Society, the worst of the worst!

America “Just might have bitten off more than it can chew”.



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