The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’ – The Daily Beast

The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’ – The Daily Beast.

Men or Women; “America Tortured Them All”.

Yes, the CIA Report is out.

BRUTAL !!!!!!!!   Imagine Being WATERBOARDED at LEAST 183 Times! That is the same as “DYING 183 times” !!!!!! — That is EXACTLY the “Feeling & Sensations the Mind & Body Go Through With That TORTURE! No matter HOW Many Times; The Body’s REFLEX ACTIONS SIMULATE DYING!!!!!!!!!

And That is ONLY “1 Prisoner”!!!! The CIA didn’t even know “How many Prisoners They Had”!

——- Looking at it all; ISIS CUTTING OFF American Heads “Just Might Be Much More HUMANE, than The Torture America Committed to It’s Prisoners” !!!!! Pretty SAD! Pretty BAD! And VERY EVIL !!!!!!!!!

—— Now the HATE Just Will Grow ! The So Called “Terrorist’s Numbers” & Volunteers will SWELL ! There is NO BETTER “Recruiting Tool” than Showing The Masses HOW EVIL AMERICA IS and HOW America LIES, ABUSES, TORTURES & KILLS “Those Who Oppose The Empire” !!!!!!!!!

I think “The End I Near” !!!!!  You Allowed while You BLINDLY SUPPORTED and Fought For & ASSISTED in The TORTURE; Now America & Americans Will Pay Severely! The HATERS Will NEVER STOP or SLOW as NOW They Have a TRUE CAUSE and That Cause “Is Justice For THEIR PEOPLE” !!!!!!! This is  the NORMAL HUMAN RESPONSE To Brutality Against Another People!


“Humanity Has Ended!” No End in sight for ANYTHING Better!

Decades ago, I told of a “MAD MAX WORLD”. Today That World “Looks Good” compared to WHAT WILL BE NOW!


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