Yesterday In Our Woods – “Male Turkeys Fighting” – Group of 20 Birds

I walked into our woods and heard one hellish sound like something beating against a wall. I looked further and saw “our turkeys”, a group of about 20 that hang around, both in the woods and in the yard. (It is so funny in itself to watch when the dogs and turkeys, sometimes as close as 5 feet from each other act like the other one is not there).

Anyway, I saw 2 turkeys “fighting”. Damn, I always carry my phone but not this time, so I

ran back to the house and grabbed the binoculars, “Movie Camera” and phone. I took  my glasses off as I ran back as I wanted to get a “close up look” which I did; BUT then realized I had “My Hands Full” with all that! Tough to put glasses back on, “WATCH” the going-ons” and get the video camera into proper position, turn it on and not drop anything. DARN!

As you see, I did manage to get video of the bird fight, but I wish I could have “zoomed back” a bit as the video might have looked better, and if I was in better position, could have been steadier with camera too.

Still, “pretty neat views” —- ENJOY !


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