Russians Rage Against America | New York Observer

Russians Rage Against America | New York Observer.

Read this attached article. It will MAKE YOU LAUGH as you read about How America, Americans, Obuma, John McCain, The Former US Ambassador to Russia, and others. — They Are So “RIGHT-ON”!!!!!!!!

BUT All of America’s ACTIONS and Conniving “Come At GREAT Costs”; “Anger someone and they won’t talk to you again or do business with you again” :::::::: BUT “CREATE HATE of YOU Amongst Them; AND THEY WILL DO ANYTHING, At ANY COST, be it money or work or even their own LIVES, and THEY WILL EVENTUALLY KILL YOU if it the last thing they do”!!!!!!! (We see this NOW with ISIS, and many Muslims, Iranians, Iraqis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Native Americans, “Blacks”, Indonesians, Venezuelans, Egyptians, Libyans, African Nations, Asians, etc.)

What will NOW BEGIN is Russia and Russians, though economically inferior (“experts” say); they will BEGIN to START POURING ALL THEIR THOUGHTS, CREATIVITY, Man-Power, Resources, Time & DREAMS into CRUSHING AMERICA; Likely FAR MORE Than During the Decades Long COLD WAR when the Soviet Union ran Big & Strong.

AND RUSSIA is NOT A “Push-Over” militarily!!!! In MANY AREAS They Are FAR MORE ADVANCED & READY both with NUCLEAR and OTHER WEAPONS To Not Just “Strike” BUT TO DEFEAT the USA. (America’s Navy and Fleets are OLD and Outdated, it’s missiles are the same, it’s “will to win” long gone)  —- BE VERY WORRIED (as always throughout America’s “CHEST POUNDING CHILDISHNESS WAYS” of “pissing off the pope” mentality!

ADD CHINA’s “Might” Too FAST GROWING! They Have CREATED and are STILL “picking up steam” to SURPASS ALL OTHER “Power’s Weaponry, Defences and Ability to DEFEAT THEM (or fend their TAKEOVERS OFF”).

Russia & CHINA Are Beginning to WORK TOGETHER, and SHARE and CREATE and THIS MAKES AMERICA “a 100% NOT-ABLE-TO-WIN ANY WAR Against THEIR COMBINED MIGHT”!!!! Individually They LIKELY “WIN Against America”: Together It is Not Even “A War”, But A “CRUSHING”!


Yes, I LAUGHED as I Read The Truths (Truths are always The FUNNIEST of JOKES) BUT I Shook My Head in Dismay as I KNOW “WHAT WILL NOW COME TO BE”= America’s DEFEAT by “Their HATERS”!!!!!!

It will “Become a ROUTE of a Blood-Bath”!!!!!  — Mark My Words as you now laugh too (for a moment anyway).

Too Bad that “America & Americans” NEVER LEARNED Humility or DECENCY or FAIRNESS!

(just for everyone’s knowledge: I am not Russian nor have any interest of being, but as always “Just State The Facts” as I use “logic” when all others “only use emotional blindness” and FEARS (“Bullies be they be individuals or nations ARE EMOTIONALLY WEAK & FEARFUL of Most All Things and Are NOT “comfortable in their own skins”- if otherwise; no one would “bully anyone”).



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