UPDATE 1-U.S. suspects North Korea had help attacking Sony Pictures-source

UPDATE 1-U.S. suspects North Korea had help attacking Sony Pictures-source.

BELOW is a picture with N. Korea’s Response to Obama’s “Fantasy Attacks” on them:

NOW ____________ NOTICE “Your Government’s Leaders BEGINNING Their BACK-PEDDLING” about “N. Korea being Behind the SONY HACK”!!!!

Yep: NOW your WONDERFUL Government is saying “LIKELY (god, love how they are Moving away from “they DID IT” to “Likely”) “N. Korea HIRED Hackers (Not in N. Korea BUT Elsewhere in the world) to Hack SONY”

Yep; NOW US “Officials” are saying N. Korea HIRED OUTSIDERS TO HACK (LIKELY) —– I say DUH !!!!!!! I say “It Sounds the Same LIES and TWISTING of The Most REMOTE “Possibilities” that George Bush Used to MAKE UP STORIES of “Mass Destruction” to INVADE IRAQ!!!! When in fact it was “just a way to (supposedly) COMPLETE “The Defeat of Hussein”  that George’s DADDY FAILED TO DO a Decade Earlier!!!!!

Hmmm, Small Minds Make up BIG STORIES !!!!!! (My mother-in-law who has dementia IS GREAT AT THAT TOO!!!!! The Difference is She Is FUNNY and THESE “Clowns” are DANGEROUS to America’s Health!!!!!!!!! AND her stories Actually Encompass FACTS while Your Leaders LIES Make Up FANTASY FAIRY TALES!!!

hmmm; just thinking: Pinocchio’s Nose Grew Longer Everytime HE LIED. Maybe “one’s lies” affect each person differently – smile.


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