FAT — NOT My (Our) Girls!!!!!

Dog Cassie Photo - 1-7-2014 Dog Maddie Waking Photo 1-7-2014 Dogs - Tessa - Perfect Checkup Today - 7 lb lost -1-7-2015

Yes, today we went for the girls’ annual exam. At the clinic our usual veterinarian had semi-retired so another “vet” walked into the room. She gasped a bit as she stepped back and instinctively said “Wow, I have NEVER Seen 2 Black Labs that are NOT FAT!!!!!!

She continued on stating how Labs Love Food and how every owner, including herself Lets Them EAT Far Too Much! She told how she had just lost her lab. (I wonder if obesity “hurried her dog to her death”).

She severely complimented us on having 3 dogs ALL In GREAT SHAPE! As she looked at Maddie’s records, she gasped when she read that 2 years ago, Maddie was diagnosed by the former vet with LUNG CANCER and “given maybe a month or 2 at best to live”. (“Miraculously”, a month later with our care, Maddie was again checked and the X Ray showed TOTAL CLARITY with NOTHING there any longer.

A year later, Again, poor Maddie was examined and told that SHE HAD HEARTWORM after tests were completed. We took her home with not-so-good expectations and some medicine.  AGAIN, 1 month later for her “Follow-Up”, Maddie’s exam showed NOTHING was there any longer!

Yes, Maddie is/was “The Wonder Dog”! And Yes She Is in Many Other Ways since we 1st found her about to go into the Dog Pound! (That is another story, I will tell some other time).

Getting back to The 3 Girls, I attached 3 pictures of them taken moments ago tonight. Yes, they are not only PRETTY GIRLS but EACH ONE is so unique and wise and so loveable! Each one is SO SPECIAL! Fact is The Girls are IN BETTER SHAPE THIS YEAR THAN LAST! We Work “At Getting Better”, Both “our girls” & OUR SELVES!

—— WHY are most dog owners just LIKE MOST PARENTS: They “Say They LOVE Their Animals & KIDS” and “Want Only THE BEST For Them”, BUT They Feed them JUNK FOOD, Hand them TOYS (cell phones, Games, Send them TO OTHERS to CARE FOR and TEACH and Make Them FAT, Leave Them LONELY and CANNOT (really) SHARE LOVE, Attention, Time, Effort and TEACH THEM without regard for the parent or “owner” and BOTH (ALL) GROW BETTER! They only Grow BIG, FAT & EMPTY & LONELY instead!

Why do most people do things That ARE BAD for “Their Loved Ones” and WEAKLY “GIVE ONLY STUFF” of Little (TRUE) Value and Actually HARMFUL to All Concerned?

Sadly, the answer is: PEOPLE Are So WEAK they Can ONLY BEND to “Try to Be BEST FRIENDS INSTEAD of True CARING, “CARETAKERS”. “True Caretakers” MUST DO “Not The POPULAR or EASY” But Things that “might seem hard and harsh but Are the BEST Things, both Long Term & Short Term!

“Being Popular” is NOT BEING RIGHT or GOOD or WISE or CARING !!!!!

Yes, our 3 girls are In Great Shape! We Work Hard to Do What Is TRULY GOOD FOR THEM, their health and their lives to INCREASE HAPPINESS and Longevity! —– I think THEY LOVE US A LOT TOO !!!!!!! They Surely Act It!

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