Humans causing Unprecedented Harm to Oceans | Maine News Online

Humans causing Unprecedented Harm to Oceans | Maine News Online.

It Never Ceases to Amaze Me; the ignorance of humans! So many millions, like Greg Bonnes of western NY state either ignore any and all news or data of proof about most everything and  forever “live in the dark”, or Are INCAPABLE of BASIC UNDERSTANDING of “words, their meaning, and simple concepts” so “all proofs or facts” simply sound are just “GARBLED NOISES to their eyes, ears, minds”.

No wonder Mankind ONLY ALWAYS FAILS & FALLS lower from “INTELLIGENT”!

Yes, The EARTH, the AIR, the WATER, SOIL, & POPULATIONS (man, animal, plant) HAS DRASTICALLY CHANGED! Yet people like Greg CONTINUE their beleifs “That There Are Just As Many Glaciers Today as Their Has Been For The Past 10,000 Years; DUH!!!!!

The attached article Speaks Volumes of What MAN HAS DONE To Forever HARM The OCEANS! People “like Greg” REFUSE TO BELIEVE Even What Hits Them In The Face”! —-More DUH —— and SADLY “That Same DUH”, HITS ALL MANKIND Harshly As THESE People Are The Ones To CONTINUE To “Do Nothing To Change & Remedy The ILLS OF Man & Earth”!

They are “like the Eastern Islanders of the Past who KEPT CUTTING DOWN Their Trees Until There Were NONE Left; Hence that CREATED MAJOR Environmental CATASTROPHE For Them, KILLING All The People There Off!

You know the old saying “One Can’t See The Forest Through The Trees”; well These People were the SAME as So Many Like Greg Today: None “can see the forests ANYMORE”! They DESTROYED THE FORESTS “where they stood”!


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