Kerry Brings James Taylor to Serenade French With ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ | The Weekly Standard

Kerry Brings James Taylor to Serenade French With ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ | The Weekly Standard.

I LIVE NOT “In America” BUT Apparently Live In “WONDERLAND WITH ALICE”! You Do Too!!!

Gosh, I was about to go to bed tonight BUT as shutting down noticed YOUR GREAT LEADER’s WISDOM:::::::::

Yes, John Kerry TOOK James Taylor With Him To France (in support of the TERRORIST ATTACKS) and Had taylor SING “You’ve Got A Friend” For The FRENCH Dignitaries!!!!

OMG —- As CHILDISH and MEANINGLESS and Just Plain STUPID as it i something that FAIRY TALES Such as “Alice In Wonderland”, OR “The Wizard of Oz”, OR “Peter Pan” MIGHT DO !!!! BUT An Adult When SERIOUS MATTERS of LIFE & DEATH are INVOLVED?????

What The Hell Do “Grown-Ups Do”????  —– NOT “Sing a Song” To “Make The Boo Boo Feel Better”!!!!! Heck my mom might have “kissed my Boo Boo (hurt) as a VERY SMALL CHILD” But She STOPPED when I Turned maybe 4 Years Old !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, OMG, What The HELL !!!!!! It is NO WONDER THAT ISIS MOCKS AMERICA and The Rest of The WORLD DOES TOO !!!!!

“America” Lives in FAIRY TALE LAND” !!!!!!!!!!

Let me out of WONDERLAND Now!!!!! I Want To Live In REALITY instead of STUPIDITY!!!


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