My Way News – Brady, Belichick offer no explanation for deflated footballs

My Way News – Brady, Belichick offer no explanation for deflated footballs.

WHAT ????????? Tom Brady & Bill Belickick BOTH “Have Deflated Balls” ==== There Poor Wives !!!!!!   Their Sex Lives Must SUCK !!!!! Hmmm, Never noticed before but BILL does have a Name That Says “Chick” in the last 1/2 of His Name= BeliCHICK :::hmmm.

Isn’t it STRANGE That ALWAYS “The Biggest & Best At CHEATING “Wins” and the masses WORSHIP Them, i.e. Presidents, All Politicians, CEOs, Organizational Heads, All “Leaders”, Athletes, Actors, Singers , Contractors in all the Trades, Businesses, “In WAR”, etc. etc. etc. ====Yep ALL “Act Like They Have Been FOULED & Hit as in Basketball, Football, especially wide receivers, even BIG-TIME Farmers, Welfare people, Lawyers (the best Bullshit lies WINS the cases, far too many cops, emergency personnel, “teachers” as the best cheaters become Principals and even Superintendents, ETC.!!!! It Never Ends: The Cheating Just Gets BIGGER & More “Accepted” by The Masses. Hell, It is ALMOST “Expected” !!!!!!!!

Well, “my momma” Did NOT Raise Me That Way & I will DIE For The SAKE of Doing What Is Right RATHER THAN “Doing What Is Popular” and Doing What Makes Me “RICH, FAMOUS & POWERFUL” !!!

I Can’t “BE BOUGHT” !!!!!!!! Can You Be ?????? Are You “ALREADY OWNED” ?????? SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—— FACT:::: The NFL “Supports CHEATERS TOO” !!!! “They HAVE NOT SAID 1 WORD”!!!!!!!!!! “Silence IS Support FOR”: ——– Oh, All Those BILLIONAIRES Got “Their BILLIONS” By CHEATING Too, PROVING Once Again “Their Is NO HONOR (or sense of SHAME Among Them” !!!!!!!!!!!!    (& Millions of You GLADLY Buy Their Expensve Tickets, their clothing, their Shoes and Footwear, their Beers, their their NFL, or NBA or MLB, Tennis, Etc. packages, special’s, “play their games” and Do or “Know” Little BUT All Their STATS, SALARIES and REJOICE When Another of Them GETS A $250 MILLION Contract !!!!!! —- DUH !!!!!!!


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