Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up – Mirror Online

Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up – Mirror Online.

Ahhhhh the SUPER RICH (and POWERFUL) are SCARED:::: They KNOW that SOON The Masses Around the World Will RISE UP AGAINST THEM!!!!

Knowing that, the Super Rich are PLANNING THEIR SURVIVAL by buying FAR AWAY & SECLUDED Properties where they can PROTECT & Separate themselves FAR AWAY From The CIVIL Strife That Will Soon Follow!

Places like New Zealand are “popular spots” as that island is FAR FROM most heavily populated areas. New Zealand also is rather sparsely populated and rural too where “they can HIDE” from attack by “the masses”! — As the attached article states: These Super Rich (Thieves & Worse) “Would, if They Could” Leave Mother Earth to escape to another planet, if another place was an option for them! (Rightful) FEAR Makes Them RUN FAR!

Yes, The SUPER RICH Realize What They Have Done By STEALING (one way or another) So Much From The Poor, The Middle Class, and even “Those They (supposedly) serve” as “Leaders, Politicians, CEOs of Public Companies, and other Highly Placed Authorities!

Yes, They KNOW “Their Crimes Against Humanity”; hence They RUN SCARED, as they should!

Yes, it is of no surprise to me that, just like any OUTLAWS “Run and Hide In The Hills” from the World They ROBBED”, Today’s Super Rich (Thieves) DO THE SAME: They Run as Far Away As They Can!

The End Is Near for Them and All !


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