Fed fires back at Rand Paul | TheHill

Fed fires back at Rand Paul | TheHill.

Why would any governmental (type) agency (the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is its own PRIVATE Organization actually that CONTROLS ALL OUR MONEY) FIGHT so HARD to Keep ANY & Every Governmental groups AWAY from Even Being Able To Look At Their Books and Have To ACCOUNT For The “TRILLIONS & $TRILLIONS They Take From Us All and They Spend FREELY Not “Their Money” But OUR MONEY.

Rand Paul along with 30 other Sponsors Are Introducing Legislation that Gives US Power and Authority To Go Look At The Fed’s Books, just as any company, agency, or private person is AUDITED!!!!!  But The FED is FIGHTING With VIGOR To STOP OUR RIGHTS to See Where Our Money Is and How It Is Spent!!!!!!!

The FED, literally CONTROLS ALL Our Money and The Government’s Money (which ALSO IS REALLY OUR MONEY).

Would That Be Proof In Itself That “Something Is VERY FISHY, Not Ethical, nor Legal, nor even “For The Good Of The Country” but RATHER “Only For THEIR OWN WEALTH and POWER !!!!!!!

Yes::::”The FED” Is CROOKED and Should have NEVER Been in the 1st Place! They should all be arrested if they even DARE SAY ANYTHING BUT “Come On In” !!!!!!!!!!

SADLY That is AMERICA TODAY: Totally MAKING NO SENSE & Using & Abusing Everyone & Everything For PRIVATE GAINS !!!!!!!

“Arrest The FED” should be the RALLYING CRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Federal Reserve MUST BE Either Be TIGHTLY Controlled and Monitored OR Better Yet: HUT DOWN COMPLETELY!

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