California Wants Foie Gras Back: Attorney General Appeals Federal Judge Ruling : LIFE : Tech Times

California Wants Foie Gras Back: Attorney General Appeals Federal Judge Ruling : LIFE : Tech Times.

HUMANS are DISGUSTING!!!!!! Force Feeding VAST Quantities of Food, just so later One Can KILL the Animal To Eat It!!!! TORTURE in any language!!!!

I THINK Anyone who Tortures ANYTHING or any other SHOULD BE TORTURED the SAME WAY and Then Executed!!!

—– Hell, Yesterday I read about a study where scientists discovered that  EVEN Cockroaches Have Personalities; in other words, cockroaches literally are MORE HUMANLIKE and AWARE and Have EMOTIONS Too; hence “the lowly cockroach, is NOT “so lowly! With that said; Yes I still would kill a cockroach, BUT I NEVER Would TORTURE IT but kill it quickly and as painlessly as possible!

Certainly, humans need to eat so either by harvesting plants (that kills the plant often depending on “what food item”) or harvesting animals, or hunting them for food, BUT TORTURE and Far Too Often, the Animals are ABUSED and RAISED IN TERRIBLE CONDITIONS; THAT Is a CRIME of Humanity & DECENCY and again; THOSE PERPETRATORS Too, should Also Be TORTURED and Likely EXECUTED !

“Humans” should have “No Room For Torture, or Indecency” and Should Have LONG AGO, “wiped that Out-Of-Mankind’s Ways” thoughts and deeds! Sadly INSTEAD, Torture and Abuse Has ONLY RISEN in it’s Ferocity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to END All ABUSE, Unethical Actions, and Turn To and Totally COMMIT To ONLY Compassion, Decency and “What Is Right” rather than “what is convenient, easy or popular”!!!!!!

Mankind MUST Change To “Goodness” Soon or Mankind Must Become Extinct as Mankind would not be “good enough to be allowed to survive as a species!

Yes, those who EAT “Foie Gras” are INDECENT, Torturers just as though “they Committed The Torture of the Geese and All Who PERMIT IT are The SAME!

Time for humans to DEMAND DECENCY in every thing we do; NOT “pick and choose”!

These ABUSERS are HORRIBLE BEINGS Indeed!!!! They Are BRUTAL and Have No Sense of Any Sense of HUMANITY! Hang Them High!!!! They are Lower than The Lowest Animal!!


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