Hottest year ever? Skeptics question revisions to climate data | Fox News

Hottest year ever? Skeptics question revisions to climate data | Fox News.

Maybe the Government has “ADJUSTED the DATA”!!!! They Play With EVERYTHING to Fit Their LIKES!!!!!!  Hell, they constantly change the items used to calculate the Consumer Price Index, and the Rate of INFLATION (what used to be “the middle class” is NOW “the low class who Carries the Nation, it is TREATED worse than SLAVES”). BTW, Rate of INFLATION is and Always Has Been FAR HIGHER Than “reported”; That is WHY The “Middle class is now So POOR”!

With all that said: and Just ASSUMING The Government DID/DOES Use FALSE DATA to “claim climate change of Higher Temperature”, the FACTS REMAIN that “Things are NOT the Same”!!!

I use one little fact: When I was a young kid, and as a NY State Trooper a few years later, the SNOW at my house, and covering much of NY State was SO Much HIGHER with Snow Drifts COMMONLY Encircling the house and as high as 6′ and even 8′. They lasted for most of the winter. We used to dig down and tunnel through them and make lots of “snow forts”! Snowmobiling could nearly be ALL WINTER LONG with near never “bare ground” showing though. TODAY, even with the Enormous Extreme Snowfall that Buffalo area had weeks ago, the snow melted so fast and mud was soon showing through.

OFTEN I had days and nights where I had the only running car on a highway with 10 bleeding people piled in it trying to keep them alive! And far too often, I had to run and CLIMB High Snow Banks Before a Jack-Knifing Tractor Trailer Ran Over Me!  Once I recall approx. 20 HUGE Troop Carrying, National Guard  Choppers going down as to the STORMS so severe! That day while attempting to get to a “call for help”, I was forced to stop as I could not see the hood of my Troop Car (I was a NY State TROOPER) so I limped into a turn around, a VERY WIDE one of over 200′ between north and southbound lanes. I thought I heard “noises” so I rolled down the window to better hear, and it grew louder and louder and became a roar!!!! I felt something in the air and LOOKED UP. Above me, on more than 3′ above my car roof was one of those MONSTER CHOPPERS coming DOWN onto me and my car!!!!!!! Miraculously and SOMEHOW the Pilot Saw Something below (me) and SUDDENLY PULLED The Chopper UP !!! The pilot skillfully then moved to my left and after getting about 50′ from me, he THEN sat it down on the ground. I and MANY OTHERS Might have been KILLED that day!!!!

“These Days”, the weather, though bad at times seems to never get like that!!! It is so much milder!

Summers also were so much more mild and “steady” with the heat for a day or so where if one had air-conditioning, would have turned it on. Many Days NOW, “Air” is Used and it feels so much hotter!

My grandfather once lived owning many 1000s of acres in North Dakota. I have photos of him climbing out his Attic Window as the other windows and doors were covered deeply under the snow and his walking across the top of the snow to the barn where he climbed into the “haymow opening, then once inside down the ladder to feed all the animals such as horses, cows, chickens. Yes, “those days, there was real snow!

The PROOF  of the Changing Climate though should be evident to everyone when they see California Drier Than anytime in the past 100 years. over 90% of the State is in DIRE NEED of rain, and constant rain for not just “days” but of months and years to replenish it’s wells and ground water below!

The Midwest Has “the DUST BOWL” long ago that killed many 1000s of people and ruined families and changed the country as we know it, BUT LOOK, similar “DUST” is rolling in now, with no rain and no hope for many. “Crops & Cows &  Beef and Beer” are all affected and changed!

LOOK at The (Once) GREAT “Colorado River”! Look at where the water levels were 100 years ago and were it is today. Just the past couple of decades show Lake Mead, and “canyon water” levels to the LOWEST LEVELS “White Man” has ever seen there! Not just 5′ or 10′ But 60′ LOWER and MORE !!!!!

The Winds HOWL MORE LOUDLY than ever; the Waters when they Fall too come POURING rather than nice showers, and he storms and the tornadoes and lighting and such are so EXTREME and so OFTEN where they used to be rare! The Drought, the severe heat, the severe snowfall (at times) and the severe cold all the same= UNPREDICTABLE & WILD with little “rhythm and “tendencies”!

YES we have “global warming indeed” BUT look at the JETS FLYING not by the 100s but rather by the 10,000s Each Day!!!! Realize “that Flight you just took CREATED MORE POLLUTION (and air pollution even discounting the temperature, about 60,000 people in the USA Alone Each Year) than each person on that flight could if they drove 6 cars EACH!!!

Think of YOUR LEADERS, the “super Rich, and The POWERFUL that RUN YOUR LIFE and OWN YOU (though you likely do not realize it) and THEY “JET SET” as if it was “eagles soaring only with the wind”!!! Yes, EVEN “those who Preach about “Climate Change (Think Al Gore) POLLUTE MORE In a Year with his 100s of flights around the world Than MILLIONS of “the average Americans” would do  in a 10 years!

YES we have SERIOUS & DEADLY PROBLEMS But “they who point, point NOT at THE TRUE and LARGEST FACTORS as Those Are CAUSED BY THEM” !!!!!!

— Do NOT stop for a minute to think you are “So Good” BUT Time To STOP aLLOWING “the rich, the mighty, the leaders to IGNORE The FACTS! Time To HOLD ALL PEOPLE to THE SAME Codes of Conduct and RESPONSIBILITIES and to SEVERELY PUNISH Those Who Do NOT !!!!! Time to RID The Earth of SCUM BAGS that ONLY Make the World Worse! Time for ALL To (really) BE EQUAL and Not Empty Words and Thoughts!!!!

Yes, the time has come to  RID Mother Earth of Pollutants such as they!

Time for ALL to Stand Up and Stop Ignoring the facts; time to stand up and Look at oneself as Also The PROBLEM and stop blaming “just the other guy or other thing”!!!

We ALL Need To STOP Blaming the Other Guy; And “LEADERS Become LEADERS By Actions and DEEDS and live no “higher or mightier or with anything but the same as Those They Serve” = THEN the world’s issue begin to Get Solved! Until then; The MESSES Will Only GROW INTO DISASTERS!



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