Smoking cannabis can lead to manic behaviour | Daily Mail Online

Smoking cannabis can lead to manic behaviour | Daily Mail Online.

You’ve Sure Come a Long Ways, BABY”.

MANIC BEHAVIOR?   —- Certainly !!!!!!

Why does EVERY “Pot Head” CRAVE More POT at least daily and many times per day????? —— Answer::::: Because the Pot “Hooks Them” with the Side Effect of Depression, Anger, Aggression & Hyperactivity to name a few!

Hence “To Feel CALM, Cool & Collected” (Groovy Man), the ADDICT NEEDS “another FIX” to bring him down to “not caring about anything anymore” – That is why I have always called POT “the nowhere drug”!!!!

Strange thing happened the other day: a neighbor going by stopped to chat for a while. Suddenly he stated “I used to Be Hooked on Pot; Needing It Everyday. I  was hooked for decades.  I decided to QUIT smoking it, though very tough for me, I BEAT IT! I did stop permanently!

He then said this “I NEVER REALIZED When I was Hooked How Lost I Was; how much a TOTAL WASTE of TIME, MONEY and My LIFE.”  Then he said my 40 year old mantra, though he never heard me say it “Marijuana is the NOWHERE DRUG”!!!! Then ended with “Once I got off it, I began to accomplish so much and became alive again and have progressed more in a few years than the 30+ years hooked on it! My life was In A CLOUD, till I Stopped”!!!!

YEP, I had a very dear friend that Was NEVER “my friend” nor anyone’s really UNTIL HE WAS FORCED By His Job and Constant Drug Tests to QUIT; THEN SOON AFTER I ran into him and WHAT A 180 degree change in him. THEN we soon became a best friend indeed. He Became BRILLIANT and Energetic and ACCOMPLISHED MUCH. Heck he called me everyday for many years “just to discuss Ideas He Had”!

YEP, “The NOWHERE DRUG” Makes The USER sad, aggressive, lazy, ANGRY & Hyperactive When the Drug Wears Off! Those are The SIDE EFFECTS! — I have seen it 100s of times over the years! “Show me a Pot Smoker” and I’ll show you a WASTED LIFE (and for those who will yell “See what I have done and I smoke it”; I will counter with LOOK WHAT You SHOULD HAVE DONE & EASILY ACCOMPLISHED !!!! You Blew HUGE Opportunity and POTENTIAL! Then they begin to “look inward” and Many THEN SADLY AGREE; They Did BLOW IT !!!

SAD !!!!!


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