Why The Rich Are Rich & You Are Poor & OWNED By Them ——

Look at the 2 pictures; the first is “the American Family” (the masses). The OTHER Picture is a Picture of The WEALTHY FAMILY.

Note WHILE the “CONTROLLED & OWNED” Family Lamely “Watches TV” together (that is even rare; the “family” really doing anything “together”), the WEALTHY FAMILY LEARNS TOGETHER and GROWS TOGETHER and THEY LEARN MORE, BETTER, FASTER and More Effectively About All Things “OF VALUE & NEED”!

“The Average American Family” WASTES Time, mindlessly “laughing when the laugh track plays” and “crying when the canned music plays”. They have no “control over their lives” as they are CONDITIONED “to do just as the systems are designed to GET YOU “to do”: Where, What, How You Eat; How you work; Where you spend your money (TO THE WEALTHY’s PRODUCTS & SERVICES of Course), How you DRESS, How You VOTE, How You Think (or “don’t think really”).

Yes, the Wealthy MAKE GAMES of LIFE’s NEEDS and Events while You & Yours plays THEIR GAMES of “Spectatorship”.

These picture PLAINLY and REALLY Portray “The Looks”, “The Moods”, The Ways that “The Poor and Owned STAY Poor And OWNED versus How The RICH LIVE!!!!

How do I know this? Well I have owned many businesses and had “both kinds of clients and customers” and GUESS WHAT The RICH Would NEVER WASTE TIME! “They PLAY ALL THE TIME BY Being Involved! Many do NOT Even Own a TV! Their Kids NEVER WATCH IT and They All “Are NOT SAD” or “Lonely” or “Feel Left Out” — Heck, it is YOU who fill their stadiums, Buy their Movie Tickets, Eat at Their Restaurants and Cruise Liners, and Hotels. THEY PLAY EVERYDAY and Guess What: You & Yours Are THE PAWNS “They Play With” !!!!

Yes, I Know this well and have helped them and THE VERY FEW Who “Choose NOT To Be Owned” to ESCAPE; BUT Sadly “The Rest SIT and WASTE EVERYTHING “Good” and SETTLE FOR “Nothings BUT Being Surrounded by “others who also are in the same boat”! The Masses Huddling Together as they find “comfort in groups of others like them!

Many will say “My Kids Aren’t old Enough” or “I don’t know anything about money”. HMMM, “don’t know anything about it”? How old are you? What person would live in a community, job, nation where they were surrounded “by $$” in everything they dealt with (rent, food, transportation, education, salary, wages, mortgage, clothes, the cell phone, the internet, etc. ALL COSTING MONEY & EVERYTHING THEY DO For Work is ABOUT “Making Money”, YET They NEVER “Learned Anything About Money”??? Would a person be totally stupid if they lived in Italy and they Did NOT “speak Italian” while EVERYONE ONLY SPOKE Italian???? Wouldn’t they be “stupid” if They Did NOT Make GREAT Effort TO LEARN ITALIAN???? Of Course!!!!! But when it is “about money”: 99.99% “Begin and End Their Conversation with “I don’t know anything about money”! I’ve heard THOSE WORDS Many 10000s of times from people!!!!! What kind of PARENT would KEEP Their Beloved Kids “Dumb As Rocks Too” about one of the NECESSITIES of LIFE????? ANSWER: 99.999% of All “Loving Parents” !!!!! HMMMM

And “At What Age is Old Enough to START TO LEARN” ?????? Let me ANSWER THAT TOO:::::: Personally MY 2 DAUGHTERS were 3 & 5 respectively when I STARTED SERIOUSLY “TO LEARN” and Being a LOVING PARENT who “Wanted BETTER For My Kids Than I Had”; I felt that THE PERFECT TIME WAS “All Of US LEARNING TOGETHER THEN”!!!!!! And So WE DID !!!!!! Yes, Ages 3 & 5 was Plenty Old Enough! AND Professionally I can say that EVERY NEW CLIENT of Mine (I Founded a “Financial Company” to HELP PEOPLE Grow Their Wealth, Take Control of Their Lives and Become GREAT in Every Way), and Every Time I would REQUIRE my clients to BRING Their SPOUSE, Their KIDS No Matter What Age They Were. AND it is AMAZING To Watch and Listen to 6 Year Old Kids EXPLAINING To Their PARENTS What I Talked About!!!!!! The Kids Pick Up IMMEDIATELY the Concept “Of MONEY” and How To Use It”!!!!!

Yes, Shortly The Kids Become The TEACHERS! And All The Family GROWS Both Closer & Wealthier BUT Also Happier, Healthier and EMPOWERED That CHANGES EVERYTHING in their lives for the BETTER!!!! Yep; It is AMAZING AND FUN!!!! And THAT FUN Goes On & On & ON FOREVER With the FAMILY!!!!! TOGETHERNESS Becomes The NORM!!!! (Look at the bottom picture! Sadly THIS is “More The Norm” of Today’s AMERICAN FAMILY! Even “when TOGETHER”, they Are SO DISTANT and FAR APART With NOTHING Between Them and NOTHING TO SHARE or Even “Talk About”!

I BET “that Family Is YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!! —- SAD !!!!! And you are called “Dad” (or “mom”) and CLAIM “you love your kids” !!!!!!    No You Don’t ! You Just Live In FEAR and Self Doubt about Yourself and WANT SYMPATHY INSTEAD. Yep you likely “Group together” with other “Like Parents” who REALLY ARE NOT PARENTS but “had sex” and “made a child”!

BTW: $100 invested a month over 30 years that grows at 10% = Over $207,000! Personally I can say It Becomes even easier and MORE PROFITABLE once one breaks over certain $ thresholds! Using NO “Leverage”, It is quite SIMPLE to “Make Annual Returns of 12%. With even “just a little leverage”, RETURNS of 20% are not difficult to achieve! LIMIT YOUR RISK, Allow Time to Work FOR YOU rather than Against You! The way I do it is simple and sweet; and I RARELY ever own ANY Stock, or companies, Do NOT “bet” that something will go up (it can go down for sure) and I utilize nothing but HIGH PROBABILITY That “My Trades Will Be Profitable” Rather than “What The Brokers or Bankers, or other “finacial Experts” will tell you; THEY WANT YOU “TO BET”! I NEVER Would Do THAT! I do not care if something goes up or down (within certain WIDE RANGES), hence I PREFER “90% Chance of WINNING” Not the (at best) “50/50 chance” The “EXPERTS” want You To Do (while THEY Take Your Money and GROW RICH From YOU).

Do you “live in the MUST HAVE WORLD” with the “MUST HAVE” Purses, Shoes, VACATION, Car, CIGARETTES, Pot, Internet Games, Fancy Restaurants, DAILY STARBUCKS Coffee, Eat FAST FOOD At Work every day, etc. THESE “BAD HABITS” COSTS YOU MANY MANY $100s MONTHLY and OVERALL Costs You $1 – $5 MILLION For Your COMFORT and Enjoyment FOREVER!!!!!! I’ve shown EVERYONE, no matter “how much they make” to SAVE $200 -$400 – $800 per month and IMAGINE Just as THEY HAVE DONE: You Too COULD DO The Same! THEY THANK ME EVERYDAY!!!! The calls, the letters, the emails, the stop-by-to-say-THANKS are GREAT! Thank you all who Honor Me So!!! My “Learning To Use Money” columns were not sent and viewed and copied all over the world for decades! for no reason! The “Rich” USED My Words THE MOST!!!! Now they Control YOU more than ever!

YES, Which “Parent” Are YOU? Which Parent Are You GOING To BE NOW????

You Have “The Power”; NOW Do Something With It!!! Otherwise give your kids to me and I WILL MAKE THEM “SPECIAL ” TOO!!!! It Is EASY !!!! It Is FUN !!!!! And You “Get Out Of Their Lives”! They DESERVE BETTER!


About Warm Hearted World

Extensive - Widely Varied Background ---- Because EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING & EVERYONE --- For Solutions To All Issues ---- To Make The World A Better Place! (God Must Be Crying!). For Your & Everyone's Health-Wealth-Happiness! Unlike MOST of the World ----"I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH" (by the way: It is not about religion. It is about LIFE & LIVING! I am NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY! My Goal & Slogan is: "If I can get everyone to STOP and THINK (really think with an open mind which is RARE) for 5 minutes - I Just CHANGED THE WORLD For The Better".
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