LeafxPro is like an umbrella for your bike – Images

LeafxPro is like an umbrella for your bike – Images.

Oh, the Insanity of Man ——

Seems like “forever” that I have seen a bicycle with FENDERS! They USED to Be STANDARD on all bikes! Though of course, “weight” and air flow are considerations for professional racers.

YEP, plain simple FENDERS protect the rider from WATER otherwise THROWN UP onto the rider. AND all it takes is a tiny puddle that might just be from a wayward lawn sprayer to GET ONE SOAKED all up the REAR SIDE, and Back of a rider.

Oh, how ARROGANT riders are! They “spend HUGE SUMS to “cut seconds off their time” when they are just out for a nice ride or even training BUT They Look RIDICULOUS with Their ASSES SOAKED; the thin, vertical “Line of water” from their head to ass! AND THAT MAKES THEM LOOK “Hopeless Without LOGIC” !!!!

Oh, but  that is “the American Way”: “Look SPIFFY for SHOW” But Appear & DO “DUMB & STUPID” with Everyday Life! — And These “smart PRIMPED PEOPLE” Teach their Kids & Grandkids The SAME MINDLESS WAYS!!!!!

Yes, it is a “DUH WORLD” Indeed!

(Note how ridiculous the “plastic up from the backside of the seat is! Yes, it helps “hold the water protection together which is FINE but AGAIN: “a NICE SUNNY DAY RIDE, but that little wet road from whatever still SOAKS the RIDER.

ANYTHING that “Works”, is “LOGICAL & SIMPLE” is Thrown Out as “UNCOOL”, But Throw out the LOGICAL & All are Left With ONLY ANOTHER FOOL !!!!!!!!!!


An aside: Personally I think bicycle riding is a GREAT Mode of Transportation, and a GREAT Form of MIXING Exercise & FUN!

SADLY in America, UNLESS it is on bicycle paths or other protected from automobiles places, It is VERY DANGEROUS ! Karen & I used to ride and enjoyed a short 10 mile daily ride BUT Everyday We HAD To Be SO WARY and READY to Jump from the bike to “get out of the way” from cars, trucks, busses and even motorcyclists who Drove with a TOTAL DISREGARD of What was around them or even “Where They Were” from texting, speaking on cell phones, no matter if “hand held” or “hands free”, or putting on makeup or eating or other DEATH CAUSING Things!  The LAST DAY WE ROAD while riding with friends, a car went by and from behind THREW LARGE ROCKS and Hit Me in the leg and Hit a Friend In The FACE HARD!!!! It EASILY Could Have KILLED HER if an inch higher!

Also we see always Bicyclists NOT “stopping at Stop Signs, or At Red Lights or OBEYING “the Rules of the Road” as LAW REQUIRES or as “Common Sense” would say! They Help WORSEN the situations as they CREATE DANGEROUS SITUATIONS & Anger other driver. Add That Up & “We Do NOT Any Longer RIDE Bicycles On The Roads!  — And That Is a SHAME !!!!!

Europe and other modern places throughout the world VALUE BICYCLES and Hold Them In HIGH REGARD, ala “The Tour De France” and other WORLD CLASS EVENTS: The World HIGHLY REGARDS These Athletes BUT to MOST Americans, It Is NOTHING at ALL !!!!

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