HoliMont Ski Area | Ellicottville, New York | Skiing, Snowboarding, Vacation, Ski Club

HoliMont Ski Area | Ellicottville, New York | Skiing, Snowboarding, Vacation, Ski Club.

Here is a photo of The Torch Light Parade: 

Click on the link above: See the BEAUTY; Watch the Skiers Swishing Down the Slopes!

When I was a young kid, my dad, Albert built the slopes in what has constantly grown into a 1st class PRIVATE SKI RESORT! Holimont, in Ellicottville, NY.

Better known as it is heavily marketed and also is a 1st class resort is Holiday Valley. Holimont and Holiday Valley SHARE a “Common Mountain” that wraps around like a snake.

Oh, forgot to tell you: Karen & I own a great home and property in the adjoining town of Machias, NY. We are approx. 15 miles from our house to the ski slopes! NICE!

Ellicottville continues to grow and expand as an entity upon itself; 10s of 1000s of families from Cleveland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pa, Toronto, Canada and that large section of the country either OWN HOMES ON THE SLOPES (imagine skiing out the front door of your home), or Own/Build Homes Nearby or Vacation and Visit (many weekly) the Quaint Little Town, its unique restaurants and shops, and services, and adore the area’s BEAUTY!

Snowmobiling (out of front door), sledding and tobogganing (out our BACK DOOR), ice skating (if we bother to “ice the rink”) are amazing Winter WONDERLAND Joys!

Spring Brings Vibrant Beauty with new growth, flowers blooming and the streams flowing strong and fast (Karen & I Also Own a NICE SECTION of Trout Stream. As a Kid, I learned to swim there, we made RAFTS and boats and InnerTube Flotations, Later we built Bridges Over Our Creek (Seen in the top view of THIS BLOG with Karen & some of our dogs). And about 1/2 hour away Springtime Brings WHITE WATER RAFTING on the mighty Cattaraugus Creek through Zoar Valley.

Summer is HEAVEN with Gentle Breezes Flowing through the windows and doors, and sitting outside with few if any insects that bother, and less humid and yet warmth of the sun makes “quiet and calm” more valuable than $BILLIONS and GREED! Farmers planting and tilling their crops, cows mooing in the fields, both gently rolling hills and valleys and steep and curvy riding and driving to AMAZING VIEWS. Add Buffalo Farms with Elk and Other critters there, barely 5 minutes away from our driveway to enjoy and share. The Amish farming and manufacturing so close too to see. Heck they even talk to you if you are decent and wise!

Add Letchworth State Park, a short ride to the east is EQUAL if NOT BETTER in BEAUTY and Natural Wonders than The Grand Canyon itself! Though smaller for cure, it is much more “Friendly” and Welcoming! 3 Gorgeous Water-Falls Flowing along the trails, the many Bridges (on foot) that cross over them all. The animals and the depth of the GORGE that runs for over 20 miles brings huge populations annually to AGAIN & AGAIN walk Through the Magnificent Natural Wonders.

Gosh, and One of the WONDERS of The  World, Niagara Falls, and the Great Niagara River is just over an hour away! Bet Many of you have never seen it and have no idea what you miss! AND Many More just “See” and Experience a bit of it! One MUST Visit it in BOTH DAYLIGHT & AT NIGHT; in the  SUMMER, the Fall, The Spring, and the AMAZING WINTER TIME! See it FROZEN, and Partially Frozen, and See The Light FLOW; The Sparkle and TWINKLE that is created each day! Oh, and the MANY RAINBOWS it CREATES glow with such beauty and more! Yes, MANY TIMES One Must Visit, Otherwise The BEAUTY You Will NEVER SEE is Forever GONE!

“Rock City Park” is so much fun for the young and the old. Imagine walking between BOULDERS HIGHER than 3 stories and climbing so high; Twisting and turning and nearly getting lost in the “PlayLand” is about 1/2 hour away too from our home there.

Kinzua Dam is a major Water Project built years ago. It encompasses VAST MILES of WATER, trails and roads; swimming and boating and canoeing and fishing and camping also to enjoy.

The city of Buffalo has uniqueness most “UNKNOWN”. The architecture from the past when it was one of the TOP Cities of the World. Famous and Magnificent to see and enjoy too. Shea’s is known as one of the best structures ever designed for MUSIC and “Plays”. Often we would visit and listen to the symphony play! Add “Cats”, “Phantom of the Opers” and many others is more impressive to see and hear there! Trust us we have went other places and they just does not compare!

Travel to the Wine Country along the Mighty and Often Deadly Lake Erie (Lake Erie has SANK MORE SHIPS than most oceans! It has taken down 300 feet monster ships to their shallow graves). Along the upper lake “Superior” it is called, also has wineries to enjoy. Just driving through the region brings the SMELLS so SWEET and Gentle, arousing all the senses! Travel due East and the FINGER LAKES, oh so pretty and DEEP. Some have NEVER Been Measured for their Great Depths! Many over 600 feet Deep at Least! Their Color so different and green! Like “RACING”? Watkins Glen has the world’s best racers with its TWISTING TURNS like a snake! Hunting & Fishing Both World Class in both Deep Water, and of course, the creeks and streams! Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, so unique is all over the region and each place so sweet!

FOODS & Events, So UNIQUE, No Where Else! BEEF-On-Weck, Sponge Candy, and much ore FEW ever TASTED or Even Heard of – oh what Most Miss! Bet you “like Chicken Wings”? That is just one of the few “little wonders to enjoy”! — The Foods You Have NO IDEA What You Miss! (Get outside of the 75 mile radius of the area and FEW have ever enjoyed the UNIQUE Flavor and Texture of Sponge Candy. To make it (the best), it requires certain temperatures and humidities! Beef-On-Weck with its special “bun” also require unique weather conditions for ultimate consistency and taste.

Come visit OUR WORLD, so different and distant in SCOPE! Though NOT Far in Miles, It is “ANOTHER WORLD AWAY”.  —- Heck not long ago I spoke with a World Traveler who just came back from another FAMILY VACATION. They travel all around the world BUT he EXCITEDLY Proclaimed that “The BEST VACATION They Ever Had Was THIS LAST ONE, in WESTERN NY STATE”. He mentioned many of the same places and thngs that they did. He ADORED Letchworth State Park and others places, saying they were the MOST BEAUTIFUL & FUN PLACES They Had Ever Been!”  IMAGINE: Mom, Dad, a young Boy of 9 and a Teenage Girl of 15 ALL WANTING TO GO BACK ASAP!  —- That Too Is What You & Yours MISS!!!

Funny that you never heard of this: QUIET We Stay! As We Want to KEEP IT, Pure Each & Every Day!  —- Yes World Travelers who Happen upon it, stay often for good. But yet Bet You, “just never UNDERSTOOD”.



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